in my nevertiring effort in watching dvd-s
that absolutely noone else i know of is interested in,
i found some 4 dvdbox about the Rise and fall of
the Third Reich, i watched dvd3 which had very interesting
footage by Eva Braun (the chick who, according to many diff sources
was the one squatting over Adolfs face doing umm dirty things),
much of which i never seen before, but then again theres countless
hours of material, in colour, stored in some american
film institute somewhere
The more i play Front Line Assemblys latest offering,
“Improved Electronic Device”, the less i like it,
it def is one of the worst records by them ever,
its interesting to note that the “Tactical Neural Implant”,
from 1992 which is one the very best was followed by
the worst ever ie “Millennium”, that one had two good songs
on it in “This faith” and “Surface patterns”,
and in 2006 came “Artificial soldier” which id prob rank
as second best album ever by them was followed in 2010 by
the aforementioned “Improved Electronic Device” which had –
two good songs, “Shifting through the lense”
and “Angrif”, seems to me this is gonna be a common theme,
for every great album released by Mr Leeb there will be
a totally crappy album followed by it,
and for FLA fans that hasnt gotten the new album yet,
dont buy it, stick with the “Shifting through the lense” CDM
instead, that one has BOTH the good songs from the album


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