wonder if Kuken will show

at the class reunion in october,
“Kuken” (means simply “the cock” in Swe)
was some guy in the ummm special school
situated nextdoor to our school,
i think he might have been sorta Down syndrome
or something, he was like 10-15 years older than us,
anyhow whenever we saw him we always said “Hej kuken!” ie
Hello cock or similar, and app he didnt like that cuss one day
Rolle, one of us said that and then Kuken jumped him
and there was a huge bawl in the castle alley,
this was so long ago and so many fights ago that i
dont rem who won, but i suspect noone won, cuss
those special ed classes always have like 6 wardens
closeby, but man, what a effing memory that is haha ^^
A 14yearold guy and a retard at least trwice that age
fighting, that should be televised or something :p

Not sure ill go to it tho, for obvious reasons,
besides most i talked to app wont go,
the aforementioned Rolle will prob go,
but i know Lind wont, but i wonder why Oscar
wasnt invited??? He dead or something?


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