in the name of Rome

Rereading a fav book of mine,
“In the name of Rome”
by Adrian Goldsworthy,
the same guy that wrote THE book about
Julius Caesar
his books are something that anybody even slighty
interested in the Romans should most def read,
theyre a far cry from the usual stiff and riigd “ancient”
books i used to find in the library (most were written
by obscure professors around 100 years ago)
and he has a certain undefined quality of bringing
them back to life, and its very interesting to read
about one of my fav generals ever ie Publius
Cornelius Scipio, prob more known as Scipio Africanus,
he defeated another giant of the ancient world ie
Hannibal (at Zama 202 bc) and its hard to find any litterature
about that, but im confident that with the times were living in
atm, with tv shows such as Rome and Spartacus and a general
lift in interest of Roman times, hopefully someone will
write a book about Scipio, hes sorta underrated imo,
im def no expert on the matter but i wouldnt
put Scipio far behind Caesar, if not at all, actually,
im not so sure Caesar would have defeated Scipio
had he lived 150 years later, and im fairly certain that
Scipio would most def have defeated Pompejus
as Caesar did (and yes i KNOW the english speaking
world says Pompey instead of Pompejus and
Mark Anthony instead of Marcus Antonius, but i prefer the original
latin spelling)


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