election day – triumph of the motherf*ckers

haha my god, four MORE years with these
retarded clowns??!? who knew the Swedish people were
THAT stupid huh …..

NP – New Order – Remastered Collectors Limited Editions of
4 albums –
-Briotherhood (one of their worst)
‘LowLife (their best)
‘Technique (second best)
*Movement (their debut and somewhat underrated imho)


no its not a “dainty tranny”

my banner consists of three pics of Robert Smith/The Cure,
the Betty Boop one is NOT some shemale fffs, its Robert
posing in that Betty Boop tee, i think its from the
Head On The Door era (thats 1985 to you musically inept
people), the middle pic is from 1980 and the right one is,
interestingly enough, from May 18 1980 (and if you dont
know WHY May 18 1980 IS an interesting date in musical
history, then you dont deserve to even read my blog,
go away and play some lady gagfactor or whatever, btw
she is a dude)


I wonder how much Pentagon is paying
Marianne Ny …

i hate the Unreal engine

My god, HIW could the makers ever release it
seeing how crappy it is??!? Any games fueled by it are
ddoomed by default cuss it cannot be fixed,
Star wars battlefront and Postal are two games fueled
by it, and altho the actual games itself are
interesting, its wrecked by the engine, it crashes
every 10-20 min like clockwork, and it looks uncecesarilly
ugly, lookat Postal and compare to Doom 3 (Postal 2 came
2003 and Doom 3 came out in early 2004) and you know
what I mean, and NO, it cannot be fixed by releasing patches,
thats like trying to cure a shotgun wound to the tummy by
pytting a band aid on the wound, it cannot be fixed,
just simply cuss the engine is so flawed (the makers of it even
was sued by a client cuss the lousyness of the engine,
there was no way it could live up to the promises of the
makers), so im never gonna buy a game fueled by
that retarded worthless engine ever again,
maybe the makers should have attended the computer lessons
at school before trying to create a game engine?
Same with the russian Xray engine, thats even worse than
Unreal engine, afaik noone has licensed it for their own game yet,
and no wonder .. Stalker – shadow of chernoobyl came out in
umm 2006 i think, and yet playing it, any older game, for instance
Return to castle wolfenstein (Rtcw) from 2001 looks WAY newer and better, not to mention the gameflow itself,
Rtcw is fueled by the Quake 3 engine, easily the best
most sturdy and trusted engine ever made, theres hundreds
of games licensed on it and that should say a lot about it,
modified version of it still comes out, the makers of that
engine, iD Software, apparently know how to put together
a game engine
It baffles me that individuals that knows puters
would even dream of using google chrome browser,
its THE nr 1 privacy intrusive browser ever,
using it is like having eric schmidt behind your shoulder
(and who would want THAT then?? brrrrrr he grosses me out,
so does his uberapparent hipocritical posture)
As Jim Belushi said in According to Jim,
when his wife said something like “the makers of
google is rich!” and then Jim said “yeah but have they ever
been kissed by a girl?” ^^

worlds most boring show ever

is on Tv4 now, its no wonder its on that
channel given their immense sense of non-entity
as a broadcasting station, im of course tlaking about
Stefan and Krister and one of their incredibly dull and
crappy “buskis”, its kinda s form of humour (i guess)
from the 30s, its a lot of falling on your ass and hinting
at naughty things, its so incredibly boring that my sickness,
which im currently endure in form of the flu, is gettin worse,
i feel my sweat pouring just having TV4 on,
there is links to them but theres NO WAY IN HELL im having
such a link on my blog,
Ixquick them if youre interested (altho you shouldnt be, altho you
deff should be interested in Ixquick search engine, most
private search in the world, ie the antites of retarded
And another immensly crappy and nonvoid of a show is, of course,
Smalville, ive watched a cpl of eps, man how lousy can
a show get?? Isnt the whole superman idea, apart from
supernazi in itself, meant for 6 yearolds?? HOW can anyone
over the age of 9 watch it??