worlds most boring show ever

is on Tv4 now, its no wonder its on that
channel given their immense sense of non-entity
as a broadcasting station, im of course tlaking about
Stefan and Krister and one of their incredibly dull and
crappy “buskis”, its kinda s form of humour (i guess)
from the 30s, its a lot of falling on your ass and hinting
at naughty things, its so incredibly boring that my sickness,
which im currently endure in form of the flu, is gettin worse,
i feel my sweat pouring just having TV4 on,
there is links to them but theres NO WAY IN HELL im having
such a link on my blog,
Ixquick them if youre interested (altho you shouldnt be, altho you
deff should be interested in Ixquick search engine, most
private search in the world, ie the antites of retarded
And another immensly crappy and nonvoid of a show is, of course,
Smalville, ive watched a cpl of eps, man how lousy can
a show get?? Isnt the whole superman idea, apart from
supernazi in itself, meant for 6 yearolds?? HOW can anyone
over the age of 9 watch it??


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