punyville + awesome security holes

tv6 persists in airing THE most pointless and
puny series ever ie smallville on prime time,
and im curious to WHY?
THE most anal, THE most boring, THE most
monentity series ever, THE most soulless
and THE most stupid, childish and retarded
show ever, WHO watches this roosterpoop ????

Someone asked about the quantserve snooperscript, here it is –
its easily blocked in diff ways, one is
by using Ghostery, an addon for Firefox

who said internets exploiter was all bad?
check this out –


Mona Sahlin is WAY too obvious

no wonder she wasnt elected prime minister,
shes way too nonsmooth and obvious,
shes forcing Thomas Bodström to leave
the government for one simple reason –
he would def take over the party,
after the catastrophic election results
theres a huge debate on the leadership on behalf
of the Social Democrat party, once they used to get
about 50-55 percents of the votes, in the last
election they got 20 or so, and miss Sahlin
realises heads must fall, so what to do, what would
anybody in her shoes do then? Yup the only thing
she CAN do, get rid of the possible competition,
without any competition, she sits safe in the saddle,
and thus guaranteeing another catastrophe in 4
years, NOONE i talked to who usually votes for her
party likes her and none of them can see her
as PM, i dont have anything against her per se,
shes a very typical politician (ie no backbone
and slippery as an eel) and has zero charisma,
so good luck to her, or more correctly,
good luck to the Social Democrat party
in the future with her as leader, you will never ever
see her as PM, its that simple …

Current top 5 tranny lookalikes
Jennifer Garner,
Lady Gagfactor,
Sarah Jessica Parker,
Madonna and
Charlotte Perelli (Swedens contribution to
this list)

When I logged in here i did notice something
about “now its easier to blog in new Internets Explorer!”
Um huh? WHOS even using internets exploiter and is also a
blogger? Doesnt those two sorta contradict each other?
And whos even contemplating using IE under any cirumstances?? Hello, Firefox?? Opera? Arora?


I have installed Quake 4 since last post,
and Ive played thru the whole campaign,
unlike first time around, somewhere around late 2004
i think, i love that engine its fueled by,
iDTech4, the same great engine that they developed
for Doom 3 which then Raven, in conjunction with
iD Software developed the Quake 4 game on,
its so easy to get started on doing some modding on,
fancy your shotgun having smaller-bigger range
or smaller-bigger clipsize and doing more-less damage
etc? Easily done in iDTech 4, via def files,
I will prob upload some small mods to filesfront quake
site, they also have a doom 3 filesfront where i
uploaded all my Doom 3 mods,
in Quake 4 one gets “weapon upgrades” from
diff NPC-s now and then, so i figured id do my own
upgrade, i was thinking of doubling the
firerate for the SMG (aka SubMachineGun, which is
mislabeled in all games usually as “Machinegun”,
a SMG and a MG, machinegun, is 2 very diff kinda
weapons but nm :D) just for fun, theres a lot one can do
modwise in all iDTech 4 games that doesnt require
Advanced Computer Skills from University
of Server Ninjas :p

haha Contador, winner of Tour deFrance, has been caught
doing what, then? Cheating? Stealing lipgloss from
a mall? Nope, messing about with illegal substances
that enhances your bodys ability to produce more white
(or red?) bloodcells, what a pathetic wanker …
WHY do these mofos mess around with this shit when
the cycling sport is the most checked sports of all
regarding illegal substances? Dumbasses