I have installed Quake 4 since last post,
and Ive played thru the whole campaign,
unlike first time around, somewhere around late 2004
i think, i love that engine its fueled by,
iDTech4, the same great engine that they developed
for Doom 3 which then Raven, in conjunction with
iD Software developed the Quake 4 game on,
its so easy to get started on doing some modding on,
fancy your shotgun having smaller-bigger range
or smaller-bigger clipsize and doing more-less damage
etc? Easily done in iDTech 4, via def files,
I will prob upload some small mods to filesfront quake
site, they also have a doom 3 filesfront where i
uploaded all my Doom 3 mods,
in Quake 4 one gets “weapon upgrades” from
diff NPC-s now and then, so i figured id do my own
upgrade, i was thinking of doubling the
firerate for the SMG (aka SubMachineGun, which is
mislabeled in all games usually as “Machinegun”,
a SMG and a MG, machinegun, is 2 very diff kinda
weapons but nm :D) just for fun, theres a lot one can do
modwise in all iDTech 4 games that doesnt require
Advanced Computer Skills from University
of Server Ninjas :p

haha Contador, winner of Tour deFrance, has been caught
doing what, then? Cheating? Stealing lipgloss from
a mall? Nope, messing about with illegal substances
that enhances your bodys ability to produce more white
(or red?) bloodcells, what a pathetic wanker …
WHY do these mofos mess around with this shit when
the cycling sport is the most checked sports of all
regarding illegal substances? Dumbasses


2 Comments on “stroggified”

  1. Rotti, long time no see, and I mean, LONG TIME – NO SEE! šŸ˜€

    Gunman here, remember me?

  2. rotti001 says:

    haha yup sure do m8 :p

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