Mona Sahlin is WAY too obvious

no wonder she wasnt elected prime minister,
shes way too nonsmooth and obvious,
shes forcing Thomas Bodström to leave
the government for one simple reason –
he would def take over the party,
after the catastrophic election results
theres a huge debate on the leadership on behalf
of the Social Democrat party, once they used to get
about 50-55 percents of the votes, in the last
election they got 20 or so, and miss Sahlin
realises heads must fall, so what to do, what would
anybody in her shoes do then? Yup the only thing
she CAN do, get rid of the possible competition,
without any competition, she sits safe in the saddle,
and thus guaranteeing another catastrophe in 4
years, NOONE i talked to who usually votes for her
party likes her and none of them can see her
as PM, i dont have anything against her per se,
shes a very typical politician (ie no backbone
and slippery as an eel) and has zero charisma,
so good luck to her, or more correctly,
good luck to the Social Democrat party
in the future with her as leader, you will never ever
see her as PM, its that simple …

Current top 5 tranny lookalikes
Jennifer Garner,
Lady Gagfactor,
Sarah Jessica Parker,
Madonna and
Charlotte Perelli (Swedens contribution to
this list)

When I logged in here i did notice something
about “now its easier to blog in new Internets Explorer!”
Um huh? WHOS even using internets exploiter and is also a
blogger? Doesnt those two sorta contradict each other?
And whos even contemplating using IE under any cirumstances?? Hello, Firefox?? Opera? Arora?


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