Firefox is dead

funny how obersturmbannfuhrer schmidt and his 2 unkissed, subhuman
go0gle inventors tries desperately to make the entire planet
go0glefied, for want of a better term, most people have
no clue to the extent of go0gles intrusive bull they clog the sites
with, and on a sidenote the Firefox teams involvement
will be the death of Firefox in the (near) future,
once their retarded go0gle chrome browser has established itself
on the market, WHY on earth would go0gle support Firefox?
Cuss of their good heart?? Lmao
And when go0gle hits us with their (most likely) semiretarded,
intrusive-filled surveillanceridden own OS, called Monolith
(based on a Unix clone, just like Linux), which, of course,
is “free” (of money, that is, but def NOT free in any other
aspect) then go0gle will, if they havent already,
stop their support for Firefox, but as i see it,
WHAT support exactly have go0gle contributed with to
_Firefox, other than (trying to) ship meaningless,
surveillance and spyware/third party cookies
whenever one instals Firefox (in my case its def
“trying to” cuss go0gle hasnt been allowed to put a cookie on
MY puter for over 7 years) go0gle wants to put a cpl
of their useagetracking and spyware cookies
(i know i dont really have to specify WHICH
of go0gles cookies that does that since lately
ALL of go0gles cookies collects as much info about YOU
as they possibly can),
go0gle is most def NOT your friend and never will be,
look beneath their false glossy “do no evil!” bull
and see go0gle for what they really are,
a profitmaking shareholding conglomerate coporation,
in it for the money and not for anything else,
and never ever ever click on any of their “sponsored links”
one can find on their (nowadays( bloated searchpage,
every click there generates dollar$ for obersturmbannfuhrer
schmidt and those retarded, overrated programmers,
go0gle def isnt any better than other huge conglomerates such as
m$ et al fffs

The film about fuckfacebook is out.
Ok. Like i care haha, thats one film i will never see,
fuckfacebook is something i detest as the plague,
hyped, stupid and pointless “social meetingplace”
(HOW is it social when theres no actual meetings?)
and the general hackers fave huntingground for
prey, since 99 pcg of the people there are absolutely
clueless to anything, WHY do people write their life story
on the internetes incl bank notes etc?? HOW dumb can one be?
And really, who gives a shit about mr dumbassed general joe
from crapville, alabumma and his pics of
the new gardening tool ???
Some people truly deserve to be hacked and to have their
pics of themselves in the mrs oversized lace panty
spread over the internets, thats for sure

i couldnt believe it when i heard it,
theres a new university class in (obviously)
america about – the life of lady gaga (!)
w t h