NEVER use firefox masterpassword feature!!

i tried it, thought it would be clever having
all the various pw-s in one, BIG MISTAKE!!
Firefox told me to “choose a password” so i did,
and it was a long complicated one, then i COPY n PASTE
it onto a .txt, just to make sure, ie the chances of
it NOT working is zero, right?
As i was gonna save the pw for a site firefox asked me to
type my chosen pw, from the “choose a password” mentioned
earlier, so i did the COPY n PASTE method, cuss in ALL
other instances THAT IS 110 PCG GUATANTEED, right?
“you entered a nonnvalid password”
WHAT THE [CENSOR}????!!???!???
As mcuh as i do like firefox, for every new release
theres crap “features” i dont want and it gets
more bloated for every release, maybe time to
SWITCH BROWSER permanently huh?


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