one cant upload images to wordpress

now i know that, i wish i had known
that last night when i wasted 60 mins on writing
a rahter lenghty piece and then discovered
that IF one tries to upload any image after writing
something, this illscripted wordpress blog removes it,
i wonder how many others that have discovered that the
HARD wat…. Im curious if wordpress employs personell
that used to work at micro$oft hmmm?
Or maybe people from go0gle, turns out their
webkit they mad with APple is about as secure as –
Idiots Exploiter, app its filled with security flaws,
buty then again im not really surprised, Apples stuff
are substandard as we all know, and go0gle joining
forces withApple in this shouldnt come as a surprise,
two crappy companies trying to outdo the crappiest
company MUST bring out LOADS of hilairous
and amazingly, stupendously items with an uberhigh
LMAO-factor šŸ™‚
The ClosedSource always sucks bad as we all know,
truly new and creative inventions always comes
from the OPEN Source people

I just read on texttelly that they have discovered a planet
that has a mass that of Jupiter or very close approx,
1.25 or so, but the thingie is,
first they say its 2000 lightyears away (light years is
of course pleb terms, astronomers and other similar
people never talk distances in lightyears,
they talk about PARSEC, a unit thats about 3.26
lightyears, im sure wikipedia has a site about it)
and then they say that “that galaxy is dying and the astronomers
hope to get some insight about the fate of the Milky way”,
but last i checked, there isnt any galaxy as close as 2000
lightyears, afaik the closest TRUE galaxy, Andromeda,
is something like 2 MILLION lightyears away (the other contender,
the magellan clouds, isnt a TRUE galaxy, and even if it was its a
tad more distant than 2000 lightyears away, its 169.000 lightyears
away) so im very curious exactly which galaxy they say is
a mere 2000 lightyears away
One lightyear is the equivalent of 16 trillion kilometers,
6 trillion miles, a 1 followed by sixteen zeros,
its one of those unbelievably things our puny brains
simply cannot fathom, 16 trillion kilometers is something thats
impossible to see or envision in ones mind,
for refernce a lightsecond is the distance between
our moon and earth, it takes the light one second to go from
here to the moon, or something like 300 000 kilometers per
second, and the light travels the distance of cirka
30 centimeters, or a foot, in 1 nanosecond,
0,000 000 001 of a second, or a billionth of
a second, pretty small in other words haha,
my fav is the Attosecond,
0,000 000 000 000 000 001 of a second,
which is, i believe one Quintillionth of a second,
i dare you to scroogle how far the light travels in
one quintillionth of a second ;o
But you dont have to, i just did,
app the light travels the distance of around
3 hydrogen atoms in one attosecond,
and this is another topic ones puny brain cannot understand nor
comprehend, not only does light travels
300 000 kilometers in a second, but if you divide up that
second soooo much, one can reduce those 300 000
kilometer a second into the distance of 3 hydrogen atoms…..
Man im getting a headache now geez
Next topic i write about will prob be regarding
a program i saw on the possible end of the Universe,
theres a cpl of fav theories, all of them are pretty much
“out there” as it weremand also completely different
from each other


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