king inbreeding

Saw some docu on telly about the excavation
of the ancient Egypt and the mummys,
they revealed interesting newlyfound
facts about some of the oldtime mysteries,
was Tutankhamun murdered as the rumours has it then?
Nope, exactly what actually did kill him isnt
100 pcg sure, but he wasnt murdered, despite dying
at age 19 or so, he had malaria, one of the worst kinds
(i believe it was called Malaria Tropica), he had a disformed
left foot from birth and subsequently placed all his weight
on the rightfoot and thus became a flatfoot (they found
like 120 canes in his tomb, most were “heavy used”)
so its clear he def wasnt a “roaring hero, brave in
combat and slaying zillions of enemies” etc as propaganda
had it, he wasnt even able to ride a chariot or
a combat wagon at all and thats why hes sitting down
on all his portraits, his immense overbite is mysteriously
gone from the reliefs, just as his father, Akhenaton,
its proven to 99 pcg now via dna et al that Akhenaton
WAS his father, and its also proven that Tutankhamuns
parents were brother and sister, and thats another
reason he dided before his time, inbreds, if they
survive the actual birth, they usually dont live long
and they suffer from various defects, such as
disformed limbs, heavy overbites etc, exactly
like Tutankhamun did, but what actually was the
defining factor of a premature death despite
all of the above is most likely the fact he broke his
bone prior to his death, and since they hadnt access
to antibiotics or any true healthcare, its most
likely he died from that, and the fact he was result
of his parents being brother and sister copulating
8 months before his birth, prob didnt help out either,
so no theres no “curse of Tutankhamun”
nor was he assassinated, he was, except for the
wealth, just like any typical guy
from the american south ^_^


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