roadrunner q-s and screw geospamication

one of my retarded neighbours (typical student bastard,
which i hate beyond description) decided to hang up
a painting or 7 today, no doubt one of those
“funny” ones with a pic of some monkey in bathing
trousers or something, as we know students are always
in the 2digit iq levelzone and thus their humour
is ummm well, also in the 2digit zone,
beavis n butthead, benny hill, cheers, how i screwed
your mother, waynes world etc subpleb “humour”,
anyhow i decided to watch some classic Roadrunner
cartoons, when it comes to cartoons theres
nothing better, it even beats Family guy,
but a cpl of q-s arises while watching it,
lets see, afaik its been on telly since
1949, and i havent ever seen the Coyote actually
catch the Roadrunner (“Accelerati Supersonicus” in latin
app lol) nor have i ever seen him eat anything,
that means that the Coyote hasnt eaten in 1949,
he must be darn hungry by now, so why the heck doesnt he
call Marcos Bistro and order in??? I mean he def
have the dough, in every episode theres tons of stuff from
Acme Inc, so he does have the actual money,
and that raises 2 other q-s, WHERE does he get the money
cuss he def dont have any job, and how cme EVERYTHING
he buys always comes from Acme inc, inst it the
wonderful “free market emchanism blablah” USA
were talking about, is there only ONE company in the
whole of Midwest? Im guessing Mr Marx (no not Groucho)
was right, capitalism is the same as 1 owner suppressing
every competition by any means necessary to obtain
dominance (cough micro$oft cough), and THATS
capitalism, has NOTHING to do with FREEDOM of choice
whatsoever, now you know kids,
another 1 is ummmm is there no population at all
in the midwest besides that Coyote and that
Roadrunner? Wth are they even doing there and why is
that Roadrunner doing nothing other than running
up down those roads, seemingly without any direction
whatsoever, does he get paid to do it? Why else run
manically up down those roads then, maybe hes drugged?
That could explain why he always outruns the poor
Coyote doesnt it ? Hmmmm beckons the mind
Its also interesting how much the environment of the
50s midwest looks kinda exactly like the
Opposing Forces (“OpFor”) addon to the original
Halflife game isnt it, i mean last time iplayed OpFor
running around in Black Mesa surroundings, i so expected
that Roadrunner to run by me, but i guess i musta missed
him ^^ Btw thats also interesting, exactly WHAT
gender are they? Cuss ive seen that poor Coyote fall onto his
pelvic crack like 36 times all in all, head (so to speak) on
with legs out like a russian ballerina, and theres
absolutely zero indication on anything close
to a male genitalia, nor any female ones either hmmmmmmB
Maybe hes fallen so often his lil coyotedick has fallen off?
maybe hes a Coyotess? I doubt it tho,
only a male would chase the roadrunner with such
incredible diligence despite like 25700 failures in a row ^^
A chick would have given up by now and called up
Marcos Bistro and order-in something like
a Bullsteak with a creamy cherrypie or whatever,
only a male could persist for like 60 years chasing the
uncatchable 😮


Noticed that, of course, wordpress has gone along
with the hot hyped trend, ie the retarded and much NONneeded
geolocation “feature”, i dubbed it
“useful” feature of it, and its only the “feature” that ever
WILL BE FULLY used (read “exploited”) by – spammers,
go0gle, advertizing companies, go0gle analytics,
haxxers, go0glesyndication, tracking companies and go0gle,
noone else has any need whatsoever of geolocation,
yeah ok maybe Stalin, Hitler, Bush and Pol Pot
would have liked it with its abilities of pinpointing
any given person at any time with the precision of 1 foot off,
wherever you are in the world THEY would know exactly
where you are, if that isnt a scarier thought than
being like caught in stockings and gf-s panties
at the mall cuss someone doing an atom-wedgie
on you, then nothing is
In Firefox go to “about:config” (type it in the
addy field) and press ENTER, then
scroll and search for “Geo.enabled”
and dblclick it so it turns into “False” (its on
“True” by default, no doubt “thanks” to Firefox being as retarded
as collaborating with gog0le), now it should block the
geolocation “feature” by default, but to REALLY get rid of ANY
geospamication and/or wifi still being able to
detect you, you should go to
like c-programs-mozilla firefox or wherver youve installed
it, then locate folder “components” and in it find
“GPSDGeolocationProvider.js”, open it up with notepad
or whichever tool you use, remove ALL text and then
simply save it, same with “NetworkGeolocationProvider.js”,
and to get rid of ven more bs firefox
has put in there, open up “nsMicrosummaryService.js”
and remove all text and then save, the “micro service”
serves NO purpose at all and can be, and should be,
disabled completely, exactly like the GEOSPAM nonsense =)
but make sure your Firefox is CLOSED down when
you do it, or else Firefox may overwrite them,
always mess with the Firefox stuff with firefox NOT
Next time Ill prob talk about the stuff in the
“greprefs” folder, theres stuff there to disable the irritating
and superfluos constant checks of
java, m$ stuff and flash etc


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