HOW corrupt is FIFA really??

russia and qatar shall arrange the future
world champs in footie, hmmmmm,
the fact that russia is one of the most corrupted and dangerous
places in the world app had no impact on the FIFA
reps, nor the fact that russia has but ONE arena
that meets the requirements, this is sooooo a case
of “brown envelopes” going back and forth, as we all
know FIFA is corrupt as hell and so is russia,
and qatar, who won over usa with votes 14-8
has an average summer temp of above 50 c, dunno what that
is in fahrenheit, something like 120, is perhaps even
a more surprise than russia, so lets recap, these 2
banana countries won over established, dependent
countries such as usa and uk, ummmmm just how
obvious case of bribes involved can it get then?
ex-player Marc Wilmots claims that
“russia is a political choice and qatar is an economic one”
and hes prob right,
anyhow its quite clear that some (if not all) members of
the executive board in FIFA suddenly became
even richer ….

go0gle, this monstrocity of snoopiness
and utter hyped gaydom, has been sued by
ummmm some guys, app as their gay and totally
retarded go0gle map car went around filming the streets
of well, the entire world actually,
surprise surprise they also recorded ALL the internet
traffic as they drove around, haha i soooo knew it,
fuckin go0gle and their retarded wish to record
and know everything about everyone, sounds like
stalins nkvd units all over again, and no surprise since
the 2 gayassed, virginlookalike students that invented
ubergay go0gle ARE – russians, i bet one of those
ubernerds are from georgien, just like – iosif djugashvili,
perhaps better known as stalin, another gayassed russian
with immense inferior complex, something tells me these
2 gayassed morons that invented go0gle suffers
from that as well, they sure look stupid and nerdy and
quite inferior, no mystery,
so everything retarded comes from russia
then?? hmmm not quite tho, Sergei Makarov
is russian, hes quite cool, and ummmm, hmmmm,
well, if i can think of anything else thats russian and not gay
and retarded, ill let you know 🙂


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