worlds most unrealistic film ever

but first, navigating inside wordpress
has kinda the same feeling as pronsurfing
with a 56 modem, you stay up all night
and all you get to see is like maybe 7 pics,
it feels like im drowning in quicksand or something,
everything is so sloo0ooow, sure i can understand
why wordpress would be somewhat slower than
a regular site cuss of all the extra scripts et al,
but come on, i press “new post”, go and hit a seven
(how do i translate “slå en sjua” to eng? It means
taking a wizz) and come back and it still hasnt
loaded …. And also i wonder why on earth they made
navigating in here the most illogical task you can
do ever? Just finding the “make new post” button
itself is a task worthy of mr Spock ..

Aaaanyhow, worlds most unrealistic film, yes,
that has to be Rocky 3 or 2 or 5 or whatever
numerical value the one has that has
Dolph Lundgren in it, lets see,
on one hand we have a 40something italian,
about 5.5, slow sluggish speech (def speech impediment
OR low iq) with no real military background to rely on,
on other side of the ring we have Dolph Lundgren,
around 24, 6.8 tall, incredibly well trained,
ex coastal ranger (back then hardest military service
you could do) ie physique a la demi god plus very
intelligent (he left university with a clean 5.0 grade)
so the outcome of these 2 is hardly an even fight,
Dolph would sweep the boxing-ring in about
4 to 7 seconds in first round had it been
reality, you do all realise that, right?
And yet stallone wins….. lmao thats why rocky 5
or whatever nr is the most unrealistic film ever,
note that i dont have anything against stallone,
at least not in the 3 films he did that i can watch
without vomiting blood – Rambo 1 (altho that end speech
makes my tummy churn, hes def not a subject for
attending Shakespeare school of Drama), Judge Dredd
and Demolition, i think he shouldnt try to do
“realistic” films as Rocky, those requires acting skills
and thats not for him, he should be doing sequels to
Demolition Man (which sorta gave my counterstrike nick for
awhile in form of D3structi0n D4N before i realised
its not a good diea to have ones own real name in a
gamers nick ^^) and Judge Dredd, they do “work” 🙂


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