no jew ever got gassed in Auschwitz

oops i forgot the “, im not claiming that
phrase, im not a revisionist, altho
David Irving is, he claims just that,
technically tho he is correct, no jew ever got
gassed in Auschwitz, the main camp,
or Stamlager, the gassings took place in
the sistercamp Auschwitz-Birkenau
located ca 1.5 kilometer away (you really
didnt think id deny the obvious fact
of the Holocaust now would you? Shame on you if you did ^^), but as said, David irving,
the pseudohistorian and writer
claims that, unlike french moron
Faurisson tho at least some jews
got killed according to irving, whereas
Faurisson (not sure of the spelling)
claims the Holocaust never happened
at all, anyhow im reading a book about the
trial between Irving and some american
writer about the rights to deny/not deny
the Holocaust, and theres lot of talks
about Auschwitz (prob cuss its one
of the most “famous” or notorious
of the nazi camps), Irving has some
tragiccomic claims, for one he
argues, or at least tries to argue,
that noone ever got gassed in Auschwitz
or anywhere else, only “a handful”
of jews got killed there, all in all
he almost makes it sound like
Auschwitz was kinda a recreation
facility, and not the hellish place where
unspeakable and unimaginable horros
took place, the people that got gassed
as soon as they entered it (generally
women, kids and older people)
probably was the lucky ones, they didnt
have to live there with the constant beatings,
humiliations and they didnt have to go
visit Dr (I use the term Dr extremely
loose) Josef Mengele, the things he
did to people, often young twins,
is unimaginable, but one experiment
he did that comes to mind is the one occassion
where he took a couple of twins,
10-11 years old or so, and then he
tried to make them into siamese
twins by sowing them together,
yes you read right, he tried to create
siamese twins by sowing them together,
as always without any sedatives or
anaeasthetics, apparently they lived
for a full day after that “operation”
before they died, after inconceiveable
pain and agony, its impossible,
at least to me, to comprehend the
very idea behind that and how anyone
could even do such a thing,
but according to some people this never
happened, David Irving is, apparently,
one of them, he also has some
ludicrous and kinda funny ideas
about how to try to explain away
the massmurders and the gassings,
the actual gassingplace in Auschwitz-Birkenau
he claims was used as airraid shelters
for the prison guards at Auschwitz,
hmmmmm ok, IF one can accept that
then theres a minor flaw in that idea,
and what may that be then?
If it indeed was intended to be an airraid
shelter (no bombing or airraid never
took place at Auschwitz, altho the Allied did bomb
Monowitz, yet another sistercamp closeby to
the Stamlager or Main camp of Auschwitz,
they made rubber or synthetic stuff there
with help of slave labour) then the
obvious question arises – why on earth would
the prison guards airraid shelter be located
2 miles away from the barracks,
in the sistercamp of Birkenau?
Deosnt that sorta defeat the whole purpose
of airraid shelters then?
hAnd Irving couldnt explain why after
the liberation of Auschwitz (the russians
arrived there on the 27th of Jan 1945
if memory serves me right) they found
several hundreds of thosuands of glasses,
shoes, clothing, hair etc in massive
quantities in huge storage rooms,
where are the owners to all of that?
The nazis had six main camps that was
used for extermination –
Maidanek, Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno,
Sobibor and Auschwitz-Birkeanu,
most of those camps were only used
for a fairly short time, often lesser than
a year, then they were dismantled,
anyhow do a scroogle (do NOT use
google directly!) or Ixquick
search and educate yourselves


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