How to get rid of crap in FF plugins section

FF came with an update today,
and as i suspected (well, i knew it would
atually) ALL the nonsense, unneeded and superfluos
plugins was restored, Acrobat, Quicktime,
Windoze Media Player and a couple of other
micro$$oft plugins (yup they track you and keep
track of you, altho dumbassed steve ballmers
lil gaybois claims its “helping our customers
on the internet”, ya im sure Stalin said something
like that as well, “were helping the cccp
citizens by slaughtering 30 million of them”)
including their retarded DRM plugin,
look it up if you dont know what
the micro$$$oft DRM is and does, then youll know
WHY you shouldnt have it installed and working
on your computer,
so heres what to do (if youre on Firefox,
if you use the m$ Idiots Exploiter
browser youre fucked, and not only cuss
of this haha ^^, the m$ Idiots Exploiter
is good for but ONE thing – to download
another web browser)
1-Locate the “Mozilla Firefox” installed
folder, usually, if you use windoze,
its somehting like c/programs/mozilla firefox
(altho if you know stuff how windoze works
you should avoid having a blank step such as
Mozilla Firefox, either use only Mozilla or
Firefox or MozillaFirefox etc, bill gates’
noob-os cant handle blank steps and thus
having blank steps in folders can, and often do,
cause problems,
2-In the installed category of Firefox theres
a subfolder called “greprefs”,
and in the “greprefs” folder theres a couple
of files, “securityprefs.js”, “xpinstall.js” etc,
but the one file were after is called
“all.js”, open it up with a text editor of
your choice, then scroll down to you find
the following —
“// Locate plugins by scanning the Adobe Acrobat installation directory with a minimum version
pref(“plugin.scan.Acrobat”, “5.0”); ”
See that last entry of
“pref(“plugin.scan.Acrobat”, “5.0”);”?
Put to // in front of it (telling the computer to
NOT read whatever is after it on that line, aka –
“//pref(“plugin.scan.Acrobat”, “5.0”);”
That gets rid of the unwanted and unneeded
Acrobat plugin, scroll down further for the
“pref(“plugin.scan.Quicktime”, “5.0”);”,
“pref(“plugin.scan.WindowsMediaPlayer”, “7.0”);”,
“pref(“plugin.scan.plid.all”, true);”
and simply put the two // in front of each of
them, now all those superfluos and retarded
plugins will be inactive and wont show in the
Tools-Addons-Plugins in Firefox =)
And if you rem in an earlier post i mentioned
the google geospam bullshit,
if you scroll down the “all.js” all way to
bottom (funny its located at the very bottom
isnt it? hmmm) theres an entry called
“pref(“geo.enabled”, true);”,
simply change it to –
“pref(“geo.enabled”, false);”
and youre set 🙂
And, of course, do NOT do this if
FF is running


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