tamour abdulwakab

you think you died as a hero,
but all you did was prove youre
a coward and not a man,
a true man doesnt strap explosives on his
body and then walks around unaware,
defenceless and unarmed people,
socalled non-combatants, no matter which
religion, creed or if ones black, white, blue,
orange, yellow or soddin zebracoloured,
only true spineless cowards does that,
its def not a trait or a sign of being
a soldier and esp not an honourable one,
you are the lowest of the lowest of
pitiful, brainwashed retards
A soldier fights against other soldiers,
he does not sneak around with bombs on
his chest and attacks civilians,
reminds me of something Simon Wiesenthal
once said – “Too many good and decent germans
died cuss they got orders to fight for Hitler
and didnt close their eyes to what they believed
was their duty towards Germany, and many
SS and Party members survived cuss they were
cowards. The SS fought what was to them
a safe war in the concentration
camps against defenceless men,
women and children”.
Tre words. And more true words are
the unescapable fact that the world is filled
with different religions, beliefs and a multitude
of gods to worship, Christianity,
Hinduism, Buddhism, islam, Norse,
various versions of God and mohammeds
exists and that will never change,
there will never be ONE religion that covers
all the umm how many people are there atm,
9 billion? -there will never be one religion
for all of them, face fact and let everybody
believe whatever the hell they wanna,
shame tho that Norse religion cant rule cuss
the Vikings did have a strong belief in Right
and Wrong, o well, instead Christianity was
FORCED on us northerners, we didnt
convert willingly, well most of us didnt,
it was an ideology forced upon us,
wether or not that was a good thing
regarding socioeconomic structures et al
i leave for everyone to believe what they
wanna =)

np – Therapy? – “Troublegum” ,
great album and the realistic alternative
to crappy American retarded numetal,
altho Therapy? isnt heavy metal as such,
just ummm kinda hard rock i guess hmmm
their cover of Joy Division song “Isolation”
is prob the best JD cover ever,
but i oculd be wrong, and if someone else
thinks otherwise, i wouldnt strap on c4 ddynamite
and then visit his or her parents
and blow myself up just cuss he or she
doesnt agree with me, thats the whole
concept of FREEDOM, and thats somehing that never
has been, nor ever will be, conquered


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