genius at work – hardly

how much worse a followup game
actually can become,
Project IGI, from around y2k i think,
such a nice game, everything about it
(well most parts, its has zero mp and zero
support) is so great, i still play it, its very enjoyable,
and then we come to the followup project IGI 2,
man thats such a waste of a game,
absolutely nothing is improved,
in fact everything is worse, the new maps and
missions are all worthless, to the point of retardation,
we follow Priboi around the world, from Libya
to ice age mountains to deep undercover military
installations, and its a wet dream for players
who love these kinda scenarios, well it COULD
have been, instead we get a SAS operative that
moves in slomo, has the speed and agility of
Ingmar Pedersen (a local wino around here ¨¨)
and is as “non-smooth” in his movements
that its simply astounding HOW the
morons at Innerloop could release it,
“genius at work” lmao, theres nothing geniuslike
about igi2, they took what could have been
such a great game and shoved it up someones
ass, another funny aspect is that the
engine used is the same as in first game,
and that i dont believe, i had no graphic glitches
in igi1 but in igi2 theres tons of grpahic
anomalies and crapness, it feels like im walking in
quicksand and it also looks uglier than igi1, how is that
even possible when igi2 is 4 years newer??
And another noncomprehensive fact is that
one cant run it in OpenGL, which is WAY SUPERIOR
to the direct3d bullshit that m$ has, sadly sadly,
set as a standard (OpenGL is superior to direct3d,
everyone who knows puters knows that for
a fact, and as usual the open source is better
than m$ and closedsource, that will never
even Far Cry, qith its quirks and inferior
progging, can be run under OpenGL to MUCH
betterlooking gameplay and a whole new
enriched gameflow, so why not the igi2 engine??
“Genius at work”, i so wonder which work
theyre talking about and who those geniuses are
cuss it deff isnt Innerloop studios


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