worst programmed game ever or “genitals at work”

I have played many crappy games over
the years on many crappy engines
(stalker on the horrendous xray engine
is but one example) but the worst has to be
Project IGI 2 – Covert strike (yes ive played
it before when it was new in 2003, hadnt a blog
then), my god HOW could codemasters
ever release that piece of JUNK???
And given how great the first game was,
its amazing, everything flopped on this sequel,
the AI (Artificial Intelligence) in this game
is the worst of any game ever, for example
of this illogic and poorly crafted AI,
i can snipe off sentry guards patroling
on a route, in this case they walk 2 and 2
and then i shoot one, he falls down
(with the worst death anims ever) and what does
the othe rone do? He simply walks on
and then follow his route and comes back,
seemingly not giving a crap that his
fellow soldier is laying on the ground with a
Dragunov bullet in his brain, bleeding out,
BUT god forbid i sneak by too closely, if he then
hears my footstep he gets uberwatchful and raises
the alarm, lol, such poorly progged ai should be
banned, anyhow, after that guard raied the alarm
the guards comes rushing in, seemingly
from a secret location 300 feet underground or
something, noone knows and the iR goggles
dont pick them up at all, and they usually all come
running thru a small doorpost or something,
so all i have to do (if im close enough)
is to shoot them off one by one as they
try to descent/ascend that doorway and stairs,
yes theyre THAT dumb as to walk in one by one
only to look into my barrel, even the AI
from such an old game as GoldenEye
(95 or 96) to an obsolete gameconsole as
Nintendo64 has WAY better AI,
and then we come to the engine of this IGI2,
totally fuckedup,
totally nonrealistic, esp the bullet behaviour,
i hide behind 8 feet of thick concrete,
and then if an AI gets wiff of me he shoots
at me with Uzi (one of the most common weps
in IGI2) and guess what, each and every bullet penetrates 8 feet of cocnrete and hits me full force,
HOW retarded and nonrealsitic is that on
a scale then?? Uzi fires usually 9 mm pistol rounds
or rarely a .45 bullet, but noway in effin hell
any of these bullets go thru 8 feet of
concrete or even a 10 inch metal door
in real life, but in this game it does,
awherever i go and wherever i take shelter,
any bullets can hit me with full force,
umm yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight,
and hilariously enough, even buckshot
penetrates thru metal doors and passes thru
walls and thick furniture before it hits me
with full force, and i wonder, WHO on earth
scripted this bull??
Its funny, but it seems to me that only people that
never served even a day in any form of reallife
military is doing these games, that would
explain these sorta flaws and the other2 million
things they never get right,
and thats most likely cuss proggers are all
nerds, flatfeet, spottynosed dweebs
who get a hardon holding a pistol
knowing they couldnt ever be in a real
military unit ever, and these are the
sorta chaps programming
“military simulators” as theyre called
(FPS; or First Person Shooter is a another
general term, altho Military Simulators
is a kinda subgenre in the FPS world,
the Quake and Doom series are FPS but not
Military Simulators),
and thats about as brilliant as having
cooks handling the moon landing
or clowns preparing the president
inaugaration speech after he has won
(note that i dont have anything against neither
cooks nor clowns, i just used them as an example here
🙂 ),
so if youre like me and have done time in the
military and then you play some Military
simulator and gets frustrated over some
stupidity you run across in those
games, just try to remember
it was put there by some unkissed
nerdy spotridden nerd who doesnt know
better 🙂


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