whos the factchecker on History Channel??

I watched a History Channel program
called “The Roman Emperors” and i was
shocked to learn that such a channel could
produce such flawed and errorfilled program,
lets see, “Augustus died of poisoned figs given to
him by his wife Livia, so that his son Tiberius
could become the new emperor”,
theres no shred of evidence that this ever happened
nor is it any indications on this at all,
this was something that author Robert Graves
put in his semifictious book “I Claudius”
probably to “spice up” the story by making the wife
of Augustus a meanspirited, evil plotting
woman, everything we know about it suggests
she was a good, supporting mother and wife,
perhaps somewhat “old fashioned”
(which elderly woman isnt?) but a murderous,
plotting and hubbykilling? Hardly, so why on
earth does History Channel presents that
as a FACT is beyond me, its barely a rumour
that has no real basis in history,

and then example two, the evernondying
bs rumour that emperor Nero played
music while Rome was burning in AD64 and that
he initiated the fire, its all a myth,
there is somewhat plausability that he MIGHT
have something to do with starting it,
but very unlikely, and that he were playing
whatever that instrument is called in English
is quite impossible, simply because that instrument
wasnt even invented when Rome burned,
yet again History Channel presents
speculation as fact, i mean feel free to
say something like “t was rumoured..” or
“some people says that..” or blahblah
but do not present speculations
as facts please, im amazed such grave errors
could be presented by the usually reliable
History Channel …


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