Kenna the lucky bastard

him and Susanne, his saucy bitch ;o is going to
ROME later in May, geez i wanna go too ffffs πŸ˜€
Sucks having the same financial situation as
Eddie and Rich in Bottom ie totally skinned

THE most dumb people of this rock of a planet
can be seen in the show COPS,
i mean W H Y do a guy, whos identity was checked by
the cops in the car that just pulled him over, WHY on earth
does he run away??? WHERE does he think hell go
that the cops cannot arrest him then?? They know exactly
who he is, so whats the point in running away then?
Defines any logic, ok IF that individual had a
helicopter waiting next block that could fly him
directly to a country without extradiction
agreements with USA, then yes, then he should try
to make it to that helicopter, but so far NONE of
those dudes has had any chopper waiting for him
closeby, so exactly WHERE is he trying to flee
to then?? ….
And why hasnt anyone created a more saucy, dirty and naughty version called (D) CUPS yet??
Telly ppl of today has no imagination ffffs,
its a def winner :p Id watch it anyhow ^^


ACHTUNG alles RTCW fans !

And if you dont know what the abbrev
RTCW mean, this isnt your cup of tea,
so go play something gaylord like WoW or sims πŸ™‚
The film “DΓΆd SnΓΆ”, or “Dead snow” in english,
is a Norwegian (!) nazizombie (!) film,
everyone whos ever played the top notch
pc game Return to Castle Wolfenstein will LOVE the atmos and the whole
feel of this film, 5 of 5 from me, one of the very best
zombie horrors ever πŸ˜€
Will be interesting (but most likely disappointing)
to see the h0llywood version of this ..

now playing —
The Smiths – Singles Box
and yes, i did actually BUY it, believe it or not πŸ˜‰
Its a musthave in anyones record collection,
the first 10 cd-s (theres a version as well with
vinyls instead of cd-s, i know most anally inclined
music noobs yaps about “it must be vinyl!!” – im not
one of those suckers) + 2 rare releases,
all in all 12 cd-s with goodies πŸ™‚

swedens own bill gates

friends of nazi ideology and uberphony
ingvar kamprad has finally been revealed
as the cretin i always known him to be,
hes turned out to be as devious and false as
mr retard gay himself aka bill gates,
“mr” kamprad has always portraied himself as
down to earth and a generally good chap,
yeah right, hes the biggest capitalist next to
billy gates himself, he has secret companies in
Liechtenstein where he transfers money via a
very complex chain of transfers back and forth,
all to elude paying tax, over the last 20 years
or so he smuggled out 100 billion skr,
around 15 billion dollars or so,
and as it turns out IKEA itself is about as Swedish
as much as an australian boomerang is,
“mr” kamprad has made some truly headspinning
maneouvres in that field, all to evade paying taxes
of course, all is app owned by a company called
Inter Ikea or something, very pathetic,
just like all big business corproations always are,
is there anything these retards wont do to evade paying
taxes? The aforementioned 15 billion dollars that
“mr” kamprad has moved abroad is something the
average tax payer ie you and me has to cough up,
ty “mr” kamprad, you sad greedy pathetic wanker
fuck off
Speaking of greedy retards, i find it quite amusing and
funny that all these corporate companies all resembles
Hitlerjugend in their style, look at go0gle,
i saw some documentary about them on Swedish telly,
just like Hitlerjugend they all dress exactly
the same, they all have equally meaningless
smiles on their faces, often same haircut as well,
the resemblances to nazigermany and hitlerjugend
is frightening to say the least,
and look at ikea as well, employees all dress
the same (but why the yellow and blue? ikea isnt
a swedish company anymore, so i guess itll have
to change) and given a q on anything regarding
money to anyone in ikea (or google, altho at google
is about the enormous acquisition of information
about what they call “google-partners”, ie you and me,
but since ive blocked google on EVERY account
on my computer, im guessing im not a “google-partner”,
and never will be, go0gle is evil, simple as that)
all you get is “i dont know…ingvar knows best”,
its all very reminiscent to the older phrase
(or paraphrase) of “i dont know..
but the Fuhrer do know best”
I rest my case but evidently,
corporation companies goes well together
withfascist and nazi movements,
just ask the bosses of Siemens and Krupps
about their involvement in nazi germany,
altho if you do youll prob get the
“i dont know… but the fuhrer knows what best”
reply, just exchange the “fuhrer” for “boss”

speaking of nazi germany, imagine if they had
won ww2 instea dof being runners up,
we wouldnt have any Disneyland,
it would be called Deutschnyland,
and no mickey mouse, pluto or david duck,
wed have jolly fat germans, in Lederhosen,
called something like Helmut Kopf,
Wolfgang Schnellerz, Erwin Blaukregg,
Hans-Adolf Schtuckkreutz and Johann von Stiefel,
we wouldnt have any “disco” but instead
wed have Jugend Tanz Stelle,
no “gas stations”, thatd be Γ–l Station,
the headquarters for National Security (or FBI)
would be called Reich Sicherheits Haupt Amt,
and something tells me most airports would have
excellent routes to many South American countries
such as Paraguay amd Brazil, and English uberfunny
Black Adder would be some german Prinze called
Schwarze Otter, prob doing some
“funny” observations in a Bierkeller in
Braunschweig, dressed in
Lederhosen, black boots and a small, green hat,
alongside his trusty sidekick Helmut,
while drinking Bier and saying “ja ja” a lot,
esp in start of every new sentence while saying
something “funny”, and if you wanna hear a great
example of that talk you should check out the
Persuaders episode called The Gold Napoleon
when Roger Moores character Lord Sinclair
tricks a jeweler by impersonating a german,
he really nails it πŸ˜€

ummm i had more to say but im gonna watch some
juicy pron now πŸ™‚

Is Prodigy and Scooter same band?

The latest Prodigy releases sounds pretty much
identical to the german ubercrappy Scooter band…
Playing Invaders Must Die, from 09,
can an album suck more than this?
Esp if one compares it to Fat of The Land,
its hard to believe its same band,
bands like The Crystal Method, albeit
repetitive, is way better


I hope Peter Foppa Forsbergs comeback attempts
n Colorado will be successfull, app hes training alongside
old compadres such as Hejduk and Foote,
as Foote said, “if Peter is like *only* on 70 pcg
of what he used to be, hes still top notch in NHL
and would be very useful to Avalanche” and one can but
concurr, this will be immensly interesting to follow =)

My new glasses, just like when i got my older
pairs, manages to irritate the side of my nose,
this time its on left side, man how unbelievably gay
is this fffs, so immensly annoying hmmmmmmmmmm

New television show ideas –
The Persuaders – Next generation (working title),
the original Persudaers show is so great its
totally unbelieveable hollywood hasnt made
any attempts in resurrecting it, anyhow heres my idea of
it, the premise would be that Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis, rip)
had some affair with some english lass, then she has a
kid, Danny Wilde Jr, portrayed by (my choice)
Vinnie Jones, like his dad hes straight in yer face and
head on, kinda not diplomatic, at all haha :p
Hes teamed up with Lord Brett Sinclairs (Roger Moore)
offspring, i havent fingured out who he should be
played by, but anyhow whomever itll be is an american,
fairly cultivated since Sinclairs mom is an american
who had an affair with Sinclair while being in UK in
early 70s (as the original series was recorded(,
and he somehow gets involved with Danny Wilde Jr
while being in UK, something like the first episode of
the original Persuaders?
The twist is, of course, that this time around the yank
is the cultivated, snobby one whereas the Englishman
is less sophisticated (no matter how much i try its impossible
trying to envision Vinnie Jones as a teadrinking vernissage-going
philantropist haha ^^ ) which could, hopefully,
bring a new fuel into “the Persuaders world” :p
Rem where you read it first πŸ˜€ – cant handle the truth

the site
that ive been a member of since 2003
I gave up on today and closed down
my account (Lonewolf), and why you may
ask (or not)? The answer is called
NEPOTISM, when i first joined in 2003
it wasnt too many admins on there, the main owner and a couple of his friends,
as it should be, but today, either due to
negligence, lack of interest or simple
retardation, whomever is owner
decided to FLOOD the site with
admins, theres virtually more admins than
regular users, so in fact it means that
theres loads of admins that shouldnt
be admins, and of course given my
way of being “Head on” and never backing down, esp when im being treated unfairly,
in this case they tried to censor my profile
where i simply stated the FACTS, that is run by admins using
nepotism, if one knows an admin one gets away with anything, regardless of it
being racist remarks or simply
crossing each and every rule,
so i pointed that out and hey presto,
since im not corrupted as most of the
admins are on site,
i got the Damokles sword over me,
but rather than being banned
i walked away, with my head high
and after a very frank post on the
forum, altho its only the TRUTH,
but as Nicholson says “you cant handle the
truth!”, and sure enough,
cannot handle the truth.

new header

but it does NOT mean I dont
support Wikileaks cuss I do =)
And Openleaks as well ffs
I still wonder how much
prosectuor Marianne Ny got from

Flammenverfer und so weiter

Am I truly the absolutely
only one that thought that “hey, we have
an army in this country, and that army
has flamethrowers” and then I thought
that well, we have enough snow
around here to populate iceplanet Hoth
eight times over, and then I thought that
why not take a flamethrower,
modulate the nozzle so it doesnt shoot
out the regularly 100 feet flame,
but a mere, modest 6 feet or so,
and then hey presto, no more shoveling
of gay snow, we just MELT it in an instant =)
How can I be the only one who ever
thought of it? It would solve a lot
of problems, no more icey roads =
no more skids and crashes and deaths,
no more icey pavements = no more senior
citizens falling on their asses breaking
hip bones, totally amazing
noone has thought of using army flamethrowers
to melt snow …