higgiebaby and the usual lagdom of wordpress

Watching some old Magnum PI atm,
season 3, talk about memories hehe 🙂
And who knew that Higgins isnt a genuine
brit lad?? Hes American believe it or not,
and even more astounding, hes from Texas,
its totally surreal, i mean Texas, what does one
think of when one hear Texas, it sure isnt cool
actors, granted george bush is from there
and hes kinda an actor, but hes about as far from being
cool as elvis presley is of being alive and kicking,
app Higgins, or John Hillerman, learnt his
remarkably true brit-dialect from Sir Laurence
(Olivier), pretty neat work, but i cant get over
Texas, thats Ewing Oil, Punk Anderson,
big Stetson hats and big rrrrrrrrr in the lingo,
more so than rest of USA, id never believe it
if i dint know it to be true lol

Jonas Inde — youre an idiot.
Theres no such thing as a modern joke thats
totally brand new.

I dont have Twitter and prob never will,
but im glad to hear they turned down fuckfacebooks
offer, in a way its great fuckfacebook is
neither micro$$$oft nor go0gle-controlled,
but fuckfacebook is way too big and totally hyped
as it is, everyone except me and Patrik
(my sturdy mate and ex “cohort in crime” when
it comes to my old band Clan H)
are regged there, i guess were the two last persons
in the world with integrity not to prostitute ourselves

tranny dragqueen and GUY lady gagafactor
or whatever HIS name is, will release a new album
in May. Ie totally nonvoid of interest to anyone
even vaguely and genuinely interested in

mmmm Stacey, aka Jennifer Esposito
is on telly right now, Spin city, she is so hottttt,
luscious, kinda curvaceous, cocky and
oozingly teasingly, phew,
but just like the uberredhead of That 70s show aka
Donna Pinciotti aka Laura Prepon,
she lost part of her sexappeal when she went
kinda blonde, just like Laura did when she
went blonde in season 5 or whatever season
it was 😦 WHY go blonde fffs, dont they know
im surrounded by blondes here ffffs, i want the
exotic ones such as Jennifer and the
uberredheads with the soft milkwhite skin
(and pink nipples) like Laura fffs dammit!



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