the gay show + gay apple

“THE MAN SHOW” – has there ever been
a more pathetic, ridicolous, stupid,
pointless and utter GAY program on television?
A bunch of insecure bois sits around
in some studio and says, what they believe to be,
cool things, all the while very easilyclad bigboobedc
bimbos jiggles/moves around in the set,
and no i dont care one bit about the suffragette
objections they prob have to this, i object
to the whole idea that THIS is what guys
is and what guys want, o sorry i mean MEN,
whenever something is aimed at teen bois its
always called “for men”, same with the
pathetic swedish paper SLITZ,
ex music magazine turning sleazy, stupid,
pointless and retarded “magazine for men”
when in fact its meant to be read by
insecure, virgin teen guys, why else
fill the mag with skateboard tests,
pics of (whorish-looking) chicks
and tests of cars that noone except
the very rich can afford, such as Ferraris etc,
tyhats not “magazine for men”, thats
“magazine for bois”

i heard about the “milleniumbug”
thats caused iphones to not function
lately, thats Apple for you lmao ^^

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Birgitta Andersson is on
the telly, IDEAL Milf featured in the
“Jönsson-ligan” movies as Doris hehe :p


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