Flammenverfer und so weiter

Am I truly the absolutely
only one that thought that “hey, we have
an army in this country, and that army
has flamethrowers” and then I thought
that well, we have enough snow
around here to populate iceplanet Hoth
eight times over, and then I thought that
why not take a flamethrower,
modulate the nozzle so it doesnt shoot
out the regularly 100 feet flame,
but a mere, modest 6 feet or so,
and then hey presto, no more shoveling
of gay snow, we just MELT it in an instant =)
How can I be the only one who ever
thought of it? It would solve a lot
of problems, no more icey roads =
no more skids and crashes and deaths,
no more icey pavements = no more senior
citizens falling on their asses breaking
hip bones, totally amazing
noone has thought of using army flamethrowers
to melt snow …


2 Comments on “Flammenverfer und so weiter”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    Using Flammenwerfer on snow would be über awesome indeed! Totally agree on that. 🙂

  2. rotti001 says:

    hehe 😀

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