rateyourmusic.com – cant handle the truth

the rateyourmusic.com site
that ive been a member of since 2003
I gave up on today and closed down
my account (Lonewolf), and why you may
ask (or not)? The answer is called
NEPOTISM, when i first joined in 2003
it wasnt too many admins on there, the main owner and a couple of his friends,
as it should be, but today, either due to
negligence, lack of interest or simple
retardation, whomever is owner
decided to FLOOD the site with
admins, theres virtually more admins than
regular users, so in fact it means that
theres loads of admins that shouldnt
be admins, and of course given my
way of being “Head on” and never backing down, esp when im being treated unfairly,
in this case they tried to censor my profile
where i simply stated the FACTS, that
rateyourmusic.com is run by admins using
nepotism, if one knows an admin one gets away with anything, regardless of it
being racist remarks or simply
crossing each and every rule,
so i pointed that out and hey presto,
since im not corrupted as most of the
admins are on rateyourmusic.com site,
i got the Damokles sword over me,
but rather than being banned
i walked away, with my head high
and after a very frank post on the
forum, altho its only the TRUTH,
but as Nicholson says “you cant handle the
truth!”, and sure enough, rateyourmusic.com
cannot handle the truth.


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