Is Prodigy and Scooter same band?

The latest Prodigy releases sounds pretty much
identical to the german ubercrappy Scooter band…
Playing Invaders Must Die, from 09,
can an album suck more than this?
Esp if one compares it to Fat of The Land,
its hard to believe its same band,
bands like The Crystal Method, albeit
repetitive, is way better


I hope Peter Foppa Forsbergs comeback attempts
n Colorado will be successfull, app hes training alongside
old compadres such as Hejduk and Foote,
as Foote said, “if Peter is like *only* on 70 pcg
of what he used to be, hes still top notch in NHL
and would be very useful to Avalanche” and one can but
concurr, this will be immensly interesting to follow =)

My new glasses, just like when i got my older
pairs, manages to irritate the side of my nose,
this time its on left side, man how unbelievably gay
is this fffs, so immensly annoying hmmmmmmmmmm

New television show ideas –
The Persuaders – Next generation (working title),
the original Persudaers show is so great its
totally unbelieveable hollywood hasnt made
any attempts in resurrecting it, anyhow heres my idea of
it, the premise would be that Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis, rip)
had some affair with some english lass, then she has a
kid, Danny Wilde Jr, portrayed by (my choice)
Vinnie Jones, like his dad hes straight in yer face and
head on, kinda not diplomatic, at all haha :p
Hes teamed up with Lord Brett Sinclairs (Roger Moore)
offspring, i havent fingured out who he should be
played by, but anyhow whomever itll be is an american,
fairly cultivated since Sinclairs mom is an american
who had an affair with Sinclair while being in UK in
early 70s (as the original series was recorded(,
and he somehow gets involved with Danny Wilde Jr
while being in UK, something like the first episode of
the original Persuaders?
The twist is, of course, that this time around the yank
is the cultivated, snobby one whereas the Englishman
is less sophisticated (no matter how much i try its impossible
trying to envision Vinnie Jones as a teadrinking vernissage-going
philantropist haha ^^ ) which could, hopefully,
bring a new fuel into “the Persuaders world” :p
Rem where you read it first πŸ˜€


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