ACHTUNG alles RTCW fans !

And if you dont know what the abbrev
RTCW mean, this isnt your cup of tea,
so go play something gaylord like WoW or sims 🙂
The film “Död Snö”, or “Dead snow” in english,
is a Norwegian (!) nazizombie (!) film,
everyone whos ever played the top notch
pc game Return to Castle Wolfenstein will LOVE the atmos and the whole
feel of this film, 5 of 5 from me, one of the very best
zombie horrors ever 😀
Will be interesting (but most likely disappointing)
to see the h0llywood version of this ..

now playing —
The Smiths – Singles Box
and yes, i did actually BUY it, believe it or not 😉
Its a musthave in anyones record collection,
the first 10 cd-s (theres a version as well with
vinyls instead of cd-s, i know most anally inclined
music noobs yaps about “it must be vinyl!!” – im not
one of those suckers) + 2 rare releases,
all in all 12 cd-s with goodies 🙂


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