Kenna the lucky bastard

him and Susanne, his saucy bitch ;o is going to
ROME later in May, geez i wanna go too ffffs 😀
Sucks having the same financial situation as
Eddie and Rich in Bottom ie totally skinned

THE most dumb people of this rock of a planet
can be seen in the show COPS,
i mean W H Y do a guy, whos identity was checked by
the cops in the car that just pulled him over, WHY on earth
does he run away??? WHERE does he think hell go
that the cops cannot arrest him then?? They know exactly
who he is, so whats the point in running away then?
Defines any logic, ok IF that individual had a
helicopter waiting next block that could fly him
directly to a country without extradiction
agreements with USA, then yes, then he should try
to make it to that helicopter, but so far NONE of
those dudes has had any chopper waiting for him
closeby, so exactly WHERE is he trying to flee
to then?? ….
And why hasnt anyone created a more saucy, dirty and naughty version called (D) CUPS yet??
Telly ppl of today has no imagination ffffs,
its a def winner :p Id watch it anyhow ^^


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