the 2 biggest dumbest moronic retarded noobs of all time

thats non-puter related, that has to be the 2
guys i read about today,
app one of them (prob bmw owner and google chromer user)
had recently bought himself a kevlar protective vest,
and then he wanted to see if it really
did protect him as promised, id imagine the logic way of
testing wether or not a kevlarvest actually works
or not would be something like putting it on a lifelife
doll or something similar, then take out the guns and start
to fire at it, everythings safe and secure, right?
Well either that, OR one could do what these
dumbasses did, he put it on himself and then he asked
a mate to take out his brand new Bowie knife and then
stab him with it, luckily for him (the owner of the vest in q)
that vest did protect him, but, and this is a big buttttt indeed,
he asked him to try again, so he did, he raised his Bowie knife
and stabbed him, wether or not the vest passed the test we will never
know, cuss he stabbed him in the side, INBETWEEN back and front of
the vest… L M A O noooo00000bs at work :p
Luckily for him hes gonna be ok, unlucky tho for the
general dna-pool of mankind, such idiots should most def
be weeded out from the genebank ..


yes i know its sorta laggy

but thats only cuss of the rigidness
of the maker of this otherwise
nice theme, theres no way to remove
or lower the number of Archive posts,
so dont blame me

well i did try .. plus superfluos wp cookies

but after 30 mins of getting nowhere
in wordpress, i gave up on trying to
make a small change in some options

its interesting to note that wordpress forces
seven cookies onto me when i login, after deleting
3 of them and still having a functional login,
its even more fun seeing they give me a cookie
handling the Plugins, which is even more funny seeing i have
NO Plugins whatsoever, and no Plugin functionality
whatsoever ….

Bayern Munchen crushed the weak italians

but unfortunately, Marseille couldnt score on the
tossers of Man U :I Which prob means that next match,
at Old gay Trafford will end in United winning :(((
But at least Bayern Munchen won over
Inter 1 to nill

Been watching “V 2009”, the remake of the original
80s series, I think its better than originals,
but one thing, ummmm anyone noticed the giant neck on the
lizard queen??? Its like they copied the original neck and then
cut n pasted it onto the original neck fffs, she looks like a giraff ^_*
Also been watching Scrubs, season 9, recommended by
someone to me, and its much better than the earlier series imho

Dave’s strongest vocals ever

Yep, it IS on “Condemnation”, man what a performance
he does on it, gives me shivers down me spine,
I know Dave insisted theyd open the “Songs of Faith and Devotion”
album with it, but got voted down (“I feel you” is, as we all know,
the opener), hmmm it may sound weird, but if i ever got married
id insist on “Condemnation” being played, no not cuss of some
ubercynical statement and not cuss of the lyrics, which prob
isnt suited for such an event, but the SONG is so great 😀
Speaking of “Songs” album, theres 2 songs on it thats way better
as singles or remixes, both “Walking in my shoes” and
“In your room” are better as remixes, Grungy gonads remix and
Zypher remix, respectively, i do like “Songs” album, more today
than when it surfaced 1993, but its prob the album by DM
I play the least, its too uneven (even with DM standards)
and i never really liked the ambiance/sound walls (hur fan översätter
man “ljudvägg” på ett begripligt och fattbart sätt??),
its like the 8track tape got set on 33 rpm instead of 45,
i know theres no such thing as quicksand in reallife (only in
Hollywood, its impossible to sink down and drown in whats known
as quicksand but nm) but the whole album feels like half of it is
drown in it hmmmm

Btw is it me or is this site
sloooower than ever before? Talk about quicksand feel…

another example of m$ programming

recently ALL my folders, in all the hd-s
has set itself as Write protected and no matter how
many times i uncheck that box, it reverts back
to itself, a HUGE W T F !! But app
it may not be writeprotected, i opened a mp3
in goldwave, edited it and saved it (not as new file DUH
the same) and it dint obejct, so i have zero clue to
what the fuck is happening, dunno yet if i should
reinstall the os, its easy to do but such a boooring
thing to do ….. hmmm

zumbis are people too!

Theyre not just really “with it” when it comes to
being alive, a zombie is someone who died,
then, somehow, got reanimated enough not to remain
in a dead state, which in most cases means they stand up,
gurgles the throat and then look around for some
fresh meat to eat (one wonders tho what would happen
if someone had a pizza just before dying, would that person
then still be looking for fresh meat, or would he/she simply
gugrle and then burp loudly and then look for something to
sit on?), thats the only general rule for a zumbi isnt it,
the lust for human flesh (often for human brains too),
and another fairly general rule is that theyre not exactly
Mensa material, more like go0gle founders iq levels,
roaming around the streets (with the possible exception for the
zumbi who had that pizza prior to death, theres no way hed
be hungry) looking for non-zumbis to eat,
thats exactly what happens in the latest telly series I just saw,
The Walking Dead, quite an excellent show :p
Most critics gave it 5 of 5 rating, yes it is a truly good show
but ill settle for 4 of 5, theres stuff in it, and more correctly stuff NOT
in it that in my view removes the fifth star,
for example WAY too little guns (and usage of guns), mostly its the
protagonist and his Colt Python revolver, disposing zumbis with
the classic headshot, one could compare it to the Alien Quadrilogy , this series should be more like Aliens (1986) than
Alien (1979) if you know what I mean?
But dont be fooled (cuss a fool cant be fooled again as per
george “2tight eyebrows” w bush said) cuss its a VERY
watchable and cool 6 episode season 1 ahead if you havent
seen it :p Cant wait to see season two hehe 😀

Same can be said about Spartacus – Blood and Sand,
season two IS due soon,
they replaced Andy Whitfield, who portraied Spartacus
(noone knows his real name, its lost in history, Spartacus was his
slave name given to him by the romans) has been replaced
cuss he has cancer issues,
thats why they halted Season 2 and made the 6part miniseries
Spartacus – Gods of the Arena, theyve aired 5 so far,
and soon Spartacus – Blood and Sand will continue,
hopefully not too far away in time 😀
And no there wont be any linkage
to IMDB from now on, ive examined that site deeply
and theres no other site ive seen thats more
go0gleinfested, so screw that