finally some of the massive mountains of
totally retarded snow has somewhat melted
away, esp the ice on the sidewalks,
now i can walk again, instead of iceskating
as it was previously, its still cold
outside and windy but i think spring
isnt too far away, my fav period next to autumn

Saw the first two episodes of Spartacus –
Gods of the Arena, i did suspect they would
kinda suck ass, but surprisingly theyre really
good, and sexier/more nude than ever before,
and bringing in uberbabe Jaime Murray
id a masterstroke :p But i hope that the guy
that played Spartacus will recover from his
Lemieux-cancer, Spartacus isnt Spartacus
without Spartacus, no matter how good this
new “spinoff” is
speaking of spinoffs ive seen some eps
of Cleveland show season 2, its hard to believe
its the same guy that made Family Guy,
cuss Cleveland show merely suck ass,
not even a millionth as funny or brilliant as
Family Guy, i dont know what they were thinking
while creating this, why take the most boring
character from a hit show and give him his own??
The memories of a godawful show called
Joey comes to mind hmmmmm, not that im a fan of
Friends obviously, totally dumb boring crappy
nonentity of a show, 6 guys with 3 of them being
skinnyassed gay trannys (no way in hell that brunette
is a true girl, i mean with a vagina and all,
ill never believe that)

np – Robert Marlow –
The Peter Pan Effect
aahh the eithies 🙂


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