“we must have strength…..”

not many would prob “crack the headline”
on what this mean, further clues –
“laugh, i i wish i could, open doors
with just one look”.
Doubt many could open that door, hmmm maybe one
i know might, anyhow its
the kings of Electrofunk aggression,
aka Cabaret Voltaire, its lyrics from
“Kino”, taken from the double 12inch
“Drinking Gasoline” issued early 1985
and still sounds out of time, play any of these
4 songs in any club anywhere in the world
and it still sounds fresh, totally amazing
electronic aggrofunk 😀
Funny tho how the meaning of words and terms
changes in time,
back then if you said “2 x 45” it would mean
a double set of singles/maxisingles,
today it would mean that someone has
2 colt 1911 in a fps shooter game,
same with the word gay, in the olden days it
meant like happy, carefree troublefree,
“marco was a gay bachelor” etc,
and then it changed to meaning homosexual,
“marco was a gay bachelor cuss he loves to
take it up the ass” etc,
and today it means something thats bad,
“marco was a gay bachelor cuss hes
a retard whos dimwitted” etc hmmmm
the name Marco is of course random since
i dont know anyone called Marco 🙂

now watching —
V 2009 season 2,
its not as bad as some claims it to be,
actuallyy its better than the original =)


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