why no RTCW mp? SoF2 mp did pwn

Ppl ask me why i dont play Wolfenstein multiplayer
or MP for short (SP=Single Player),
reason is simple, its drab and fairly lame,
hate to say it but its true, the Wolfenstein MP
kinda do suck, all maps are fairly dull and predictable,
and theyre dark, and all the unis look fairly the same,
so often its hard to understand whats going on,
and 99 pcg of the servers all run Beach,
which has to be the most non-balanced map in
gaming history, try to play it and be on the attacking
team aka the poor sods thats trying to run ashore,
unless your team has at least 5 times as many players
as the defending team, you are crabmeat within
3 sec, i have never understood the greatness of
Beach at all, the idea of running ashore is fun but it
stops at being fun as an idea, as a actual map its
suckage, and since its an old game theres like maybe
26 servers all in all, same with SoF2,
but where one could easily join most SoF
servers (some run OSP and others have
known mods running) wolfenstein servers
all run these retarded “minimods” thats one
MUST have on ones puter or one cant join,
ya like im gonna write that long name on where
to find a 300 kb file, exit rtcw, open
firefox, dl that file and then rejoin that server
i NEVER been to before, like thats ever has happened
anywhere in history of gaming lol,
ALL the servers had that crap, ie i couldnt join even
ONE server …..
Another aspect of rtcw i must admit
to not loving, is the weaponry,
maybe im spoiled with all the nice juicy Steyr
AUG:s, Colt M4, OICW (Object Individual Combat
Weapon, its basically a Colt M4 bundled in a small
box alongside a M203 grenade launcher),
FN P90, FA MAS, SiG 552 etc etc,
ie CounterStrike –
(whomever wrote that guide is somewhat
of a no0b, he claims the UMP45 is a
“beginners smg” lol, ya id like to see anyone new
to CS even getting ONE frag with the
UMP, it takes skilled hands to use the UMP,
he also claims “The P228 is rarely used
by expert players” lol again, id love to play this
dumbass on any PISTOLS ONLY server,
id take him down with my P228 i assure you πŸ™‚
As all truly noobs, he loves the AWP sniper and the
Deagle aka the “noob cannon”, the Deagle IS
the true noob choice, overpowered israelian bull,
anyhow the author totally reveals his n00bstatus when he
argues about the FN 5 7 – “Since a pistol is for killing, you’re better off with a USP or a Desert Eagle”,
again, it takes a skilled hand to kill opponents
with the FN 5 7, the secrecy is its high rate
of fire and the 20 round clip, i cant even rem
how many Deaglenoobs ive slained with the
FN 57 on PISTOLS ONLY servers …
Same with the Glock, high rate of fire and
a big clip makes it quite lethal in the hands of
experts, and never ever switch to the
immensly useless 3round burst mode,
then you have thrown away the very reason
to WHY even use the Glock, 3round burst
is slow, no aim and completely useless,
only use normal firing mode, rem the Glock has
NO recoil, just aim on some Deaglenoobs
thick head and pull the trigger repeatedly,
hes toast :p
Far cry weapons –
IGI weapons –
Anyhow ive digressed,
the rtcw weaponry is, compared to the above,
merely bland and uninspiring,
the mp40 fires slow and had no accuracy,
the thompson fires slow and had no accuracy.
the sten fires slow and had no accuracy,
plus it overheats (!) after 6-7 rounds cuss of
the silencer (hmmmmmmmmm),
yjr mauser fires slow and has a lil
better ccuracy, but the wep has zero feeling to
itself, thats about the same as all weps actually,
they lack feeling, to get weps thats at least
somewhat cool you have to get the
“Additional weps mod”, then you get the
MP44 (worlds first assault rifle), the PPSh
and some boring mauserlike rifle,
but the MP44 and PPSh are both very good,
i suspect they might be ripped str8
from Call of Duty 1, but who cares since
they were the best weps of COD 1 as well πŸ™‚
But i still love RTCW, its one of the best
shooters ever, even given its shortcomings πŸ˜€

anywhere fffs, bonafied retards


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