Packers won Super Bowl 2011!! 😀
Real effin niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiceeee :p
Welldeserved fffffs


I noticed that the semifascistic government we
sadly have to endure atm, led by one quarter
“tattare-släkt” (kinda gyppoancestry) reinfeldt
wanna raise the pension age from 65 to
a staggering 70, its very predictable behaviour
by a rightwing junta, they run the errands of the
corporate companys and work for their interests,
and its def in the corproate businesses interests
that the workers work as long as possible,
rem it wasnt too long ago the average worker
worked 60 hours week, monday-saturday
and would scratch his head if anyone mentioned the
word “vacation” to him/her,
in the olden days there was no such thing
as retirement, you worked until you died,
all to earn profit for the corporation business,
the things we take for granted nowadays
with retirement, vacation, health benefits etc
wasnt given to us, it was a constant
battle to gain them, and thats the truth,
if that makes me a communist or socialist
or whatever in your eyes, i couldnt care less,
it IS the truth, it has been and forever will be a
fight against the big business profithunger
visavi the working guys conditions,
and now this junta were suffering under
wanna turn back the clock 30 years by raising
the retirement age, its so fundamentally
WRONG on every level, it should be LOWERED,
and the hours of a working week def must be lowered as well, here its basically 40 hours but many countries
have less, from around 30 to 36 ie were lagging
behind in development ffs, and now they wanna
RAISE the pensionage….. Whats next,
48 hour week? “volunterily” work on saturdays?
We must remove our caps and salute “el patron”
whenever he is out walking?


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