np + np

Siouxsie and the Banshees —
“Twice Upon A Time – The Singles”
Always loved Dear Prudence and
The Passenger, their best tracks imo,
which is interesting since neither was penned
bythat band ie theyre covers,
sums up Siouxsie good to me,
they had a nice, fairly novel and original sound,
but they never had the songs to go with it,
theyre not a bad lousy band, i can listen to
all of their backcatakogue, but theres not much that
grips me or stand out

Also playing –
Joy Division —
“+ – – Singles 1978-1980”,
lim ed 5000 copies only,
remastered (by Stephen Morris and Frank
Arkwright), it is, obviously, a stunning
representation of the uniqueness of this
band and the position they held among
their contemporaries, has any band ever been
this copied as much as Joy Division?
But just like Franz Kafka, the genious
and brilliance didnt catch on until the saga
was over, not too many were reading
Kafkas books while he was alive,
after his untimely all-to-early death in 1924
at age 41 (hey i outlived him, i never thought i would
hmmm) has since then sprung a new word,
the eponysm “Kafkaesque”, which some sites
explains with – “marked by a senseless, disorienting,
often menacing complexity”, which prob isnt
far away from Joy Divisions music as well,
and def not the lyrics by Ian Curtis,
“marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity” could most def be said about his lyrics,
for those of you sods that has iTunes (im not and
never will) you can dl the lot, app for free,
trackslist (varies slightly on various pressings)-
1-Heart and Soul,
3-Love will tear us apart (Pennine studio version),
4-Shes lost control (12inch),
5-These days,
6-Love will tear us apart,
7-As you said,
10-Dead souls,
14-From safety to where,
18-No love lost,
20-Leaders of men,

“Take a chance and step outside
Lose some sleep and say you tried
Meet frustration face to face
A point of view creates more waves”


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