ET – disappointment

I installed the Return to castle
wolfenstein – Enemy Territory (ET) the other day,
i expected it to be a good mp (mp=multiplayer)
It wasnt.
Actually ET sucked.
Who knew huh? 😦
The maps. Some are ok, one or two are
quite good, some are awful, some are beyond
awful and some are unbelievably GAY,
amazing those GAY maps are in rotation,
im guessing someone highup wants them there,
app Splash Damage has some truly gay people
working there.
The gameplay. It has potential,
which totally is screwed over,
taske the switching of weapons/held things,
even with a keybind to switch as fast
as possible, it takes at least 2 seconds from me pressing
the keybind to it actually starts to switch, and then it
takes at least a full second before its done,
that pretty much ruins the whole idea of
switching to secondary wep like a pistol
since reloading the main wep is FASTER,
total gaydom, and the whole “feeling”
is that of moving about in gele, its like when
one is lagged but without the actual lag,
its like being awaken a sunday morning at 5 am and then
thrown into a combat situation after being
drinking the night before, thats a pretty good descirption
how ET feels, very non-smooth feel,
hard to believe its same engine that fuels
Soldier of Fortune 2 (Sof2) cuss that one feels
at least 6-7 years newer in its feel,
much more responsive, much smoother,
and it doesnt take 3 hours to switch weapons,
speaking of weps, its clear that whomever designed
them have zero hours in reallife miltary training,
in Sof2 the player is equipped with one full clip thats
loaded into the wep, then two spare clips,
thats fairly realistic,in most cases (at least in
Sweden) its four spare clips, unless its a full
war going on of course lol, then you get some more
plus theres loads of ammo not too far away behind you,
unless youre a Ranger or Paratroopers etc,
and just how much ammo do the player in ET get?
ONE loade clip and NO spare clips… LMAO
thats so NON REALISTIC, NO soldier
in world would accept that, its so ultra NONrealistic
its retarded, so when the round starts youre sent off
to face several enemies with 30 bullets (thats what
a normal submachiengun-smg holds),
total retardation, even if one of the Classes in
ET has ability to throw out ammo packs,
often noone is that Class and if someone is,
its like 3-4 ammopacks thrown out, IF
youre lucky enough to be in the vicinity when that
happens, normally te clanners make sure only other
clanners get those, leaving everyone else pretty much
left out of the goodies, all the maps have a
“depot” of healthpacks and ammopacks (its absurd
calling it ammoPACKS tho since if you walk over one
of them, you get ONE clip only) but theyre around midway
of every map, and way way before you get halfway thru
any map, youre dead. And dead. And dead. And dead again.
No matter how good you are, 9 of 10 times youre pushing up
daisys before you get halfway, yet again we get another
proof the makers of ET knows sodall about
WW2 weps, the bullets all go dead on target, something
not even ultramodern weps do,
and all the weps in ET feels clumpsy, they fire WAY
slower than reallife, have you played Sof2,
think of the “Greasegun” and you know what I mean,
ALL weps in ET feels like that, and the aforementioned
“Greasegun” is a wep i never ever used while playing
Sof2, neither SP nor MP cuss it SUCKED so bad,
so imagine a whole game with Greasguns …..
Another uberirritating and highly annoying
thingie is the fact that if one puts
Allow download=0 then one can barely join any
server, 99 percent of all servers requires that the
player downloads custom content, i could
understand that if were talking custom maps only,
but no, they require that you download their flags,
sounds (always badly sampled screams from
“funny” films, in uberhihg volumes, when anyone
gets a headshot it sounds off a distinct, “funny”
sample in 11khz, sounding godawful and loud),
player mdoels, hud etc etc, and anyone ever playing
Sof2 with Allow download set to “1” KNOW
what i mean, in end all that custom content will
crash your installation, leaving your installationfolder
with like 400 small custom .pk3 files…….
Theres many other flaws with this game but i dont
have strength to write about them,
Return to castle woflenstein – Enemy Territory =
Full stop.


3 Comments on “ET – disappointment”

  1. brnjovanovic says:

    Very intriguing review over there. ^^
    Meh, I’ve never ever got the chance to play SoF2 (and I would mos def LIKE to play it!), plus I can’t find a WORKING copy anywhere on ‘teh’ internet… =P
    Earlier on I’ve found this one copy, acquired it and guess what? For some incredibly GAY reason it WON’T install!! smh–
    Can you believe that?

    P.S.: Awesome (and sexy as well) background! 😀

  2. rotti001 says:

    come on, sof2 is on budget-budget sales now, ive seen it somewhere for around 8 $ :p
    Glad you liked my bg, im sure tho theres someone somewhere who thinks im a nazi cuss of it haha, i guess it escaped them that the whole cocnept of RTCW is to do what, then? -yup KILL NAZIS 😀

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