“Spies Like Us”

Prob my alltime fav USA comedy,
def Top 5 anyhow :p
Chevy Chase OWNS in this film,
not that Dan Aykroyd isnt great too,
but it IS Chevys film šŸ˜€
Some classical moments is when he
pretends his mic is glitchy, kinda
“sor….ant….alk…can…hea…e…. oops time for lunch” :p
And the sequence when theyre cheat their heines
off, esp Chevy, love his fake breakdown at end
of test when he suddenly takes out his broken arm
under that mitella lol, cheating his ass off,
total classic! šŸ˜€
Many classical quotes from it as well,
If you seen it (and if you havent I dont wanna
know you) youd know that Yoda is in that
scene, Frank Oz, hes the supervisor

Chevy has also stated about george w bush –
“uneducated, real lying schmuck” and also
“dumb fuck”, further evidence of Chevy brilliance šŸ™‚

Speaking of films, I heard about the two
new Matrix films –
and since im one of the few people that
found the 2 followups to kinda suck,
i can afford to have expectations on these new
Matrix films, but no matter how much $$$
they spend on them, they will never threaten
the FIRST Matrix, the unmatched masterpiece =)

np – Yazoo – Live at Royal Albert Hall 1982,


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