m$ still tries to fool us

but just like george “2tight eyebrows” bush said,
“fool me once..a fool….cant get .. fooled again”
or something along these lines,
m$ are funny, just look at this site
and then scroll to where it says
“Windows Internet Explorer 8 blocks 81% of threats.”
How can one NOT laugh at such devious bull,
they did kinda forget (i guess) to add that the aforementioned
statement involves ActiveX scripting, a m$ technology that
most browsers dont support or utilize, for security reasons,
then that m$ statement becomes quite different,
“Windows Internet Explorer 8 blocks 81% of threats”
which means that Idiots Exploiter browser do NOT block
19 percent of the viruses/malware/phishing/drive-by-downloads/
adware(spyware/etc, which is a horrible testament,
19 percent of all the BS on the internet thats based on or utilizing
m$ technology cannot be blocked by a m$ browser….
Think about it for a minute, of all the quadrazillion viruses/malware/
spyware&ETC there is, a staggering 19 percent of it is NOT
blocked by the UBERFLAWED Idiots Exploiter browser …. !!
ActiveX scritping is something you should AVOID,
Heres six reasons why you should DITCH IE and use Firefox , /altho i dont, for obvious reasons, use reason numero 6)
ie (sic) switch to another browser now!
But NOT google chrome! If you truly must run a
Webkit engine, then try Iron instead, completely FREE of
go0gles privacyintrusions and ubersnooping nonsense,
speaking of browsers tho, i will for my life never ever
understand how a Linux user can install go0gle chrome,
thats like the equivalent of studying uberhard for a test,
then the night before that test one drinks 2 bottles of Whisky …
I mean youre NOT using/supporting m$ obviously by
using Linux, so WHY on earth would anyone wanna support
the biggest threat to the freedom of the internet aka google,
internally they speak of “google-net” when talking about
the internets, that should tell you something…
This site reveals the incredible hipocrisy of google
it reveals how incredibly twofaced the CEO miss schmidt is,
btw isnt it kinda funny how all those corporate uberfreaks
all look like virgins?? Look at bill gates, the soon-to-be-60
yearold, he def looks like he never dipped his lil salamy in anything,
same with the 2 ubergeeks that founded google (i know one of them
even loves to dressup as a chick…) both look unkissed,
the aforementioned eric schmidt looks very virginish und so weiter

Heres more truths about the snooping, multibillion dollar
corporation called google – Google-watch.org

np — Poesie Noire
“Tales of Doom”, much of it is flawed and uninteresting,
but some tracks are ok

Read about Berlusconi and his underage (17 years) prostitute
Ruby, he then also, in true corrupt italian fashion,
bribed the police to release her after she got arrested for
theft (app being a “hoer” (New Jersey pronounciation of
“whore”) couldnt sustain her living, on the few pics
ive seen of her one would think shed earn enough
on her looks, shes fairly hott (id def do her but i wouldnt
pay her one cent, a MAN does not PAY for sex,


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