do NOT update to latest Ghostery !

When installing the newest version of Ghostery
you will, in end, end up uninstalling it,
stick with the version prior,
theres something wrong with the latest update,
and until theyve fixed it, either dont update
(im talking about the program itself, NOT the bug list)
or install an earlier version (its still possible to get the latest
updated bug list anyhow)
Sometimes shit do appen, even in the BEST
browser around ^_*


2 Comments on “do NOT update to latest Ghostery !”

  1. Adam says:

    We should have this bug fixed in a couple of days! Thanks for bearing with us!

    Adam from Ghostery

  2. rotti001 says:

    Im glad I could contribute to Ghostery, one of the most essential Addons for FF 🙂

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