Tottis Roma lost :D + ‘Googlium esse delendam’

The Numero Uno of pathetic italian footballers aka
Spotti, oops i mean Totti (Totty? hmmm he does resemble
a girl) and his team Roma lost against Sjachtar Donetsk (who?)
by 3-2, excellent news that ! 🙂 Poor lil Francesco and his gay team
are in big troub now, they did play a Home game and lost with 3-2 which means they must win the return match with at least 4 goals advantage,
next to impossible, and The Gunners (Arsenal) won over
Barcelona, I never expected they could beat prob the best
team in the world atm, and Milan (another stupid italian club)
lost, at home, against Tottenham with 1-0, the two
italian teams both lost their matches, excellent 😀
Theres more interesting matches ahead,
FC Köpenhamn vs Chelsea, Lyon vs Real Madrid,
Inter vs Bayern Munchen and Marseille vs THE nr 1 GAY
TEAM OF ALL TEAMS – Manchester United

Always thought the Finals would be between Barcelona and
united, GUESS which team Ill support huhh
Man U sucks

Lance Armstrong, which may be the biggest loser/cheater/hypedbluff
in all of the cycling world (and thats against some pretty tough
competition) has retired recently. 15 years ago i thought he
was a cool winner, today hes not much more to me than
my opinions on Fox News… heh

Depeche Mode, unlike The Smiths and Suede theyre not exactly
known for their outstandingly great b-sides, but in the
Singles Box 6 we find the track
“Headstar”, b-side to “Only when i lose myself”, and thats
one of their best b-sides ever imo, other great or very good
b-sides of DM includes “In your memory” (“People are people”),
“Christmas island” (“Question of lust”, i know many DM fans dont
like this track, but i like it, the sinister, dark mood makes it
perfect for use in DooM3 hehe :p), “Route 66 (Beatmasters remix,
on “Behind the wheel”), “Dangerous” (Sensual mix, b-side of
“Personal Jesus”), never make the mistake of questioning me
regarding anything Depeche Mode, my Auctoritas towards this topic is HIGH =)
Speaking of DooM3, “Headstar” would/could be a great
track to have as Intro music hmmmmmmmm 😮
And so is my Virtus as well, and, of course, my
Dignitas too 🙂
Memini Me Dannorum, non Mercatorem

google delenda est (or googlium?)

Educate yoruself about the TRUTH about Google


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