“Ich bein einer Ghosterian” plus Ghostery teeshirts etc

OK so he didnt say THAT per se, good ole
JFK, murdered by CIA (If you tell me it WAS
Lee Harvey Oswald, i will make an accident in my pants,
its IMPOSSIBLE that it WAS him, speaking as an ex-military
having experience with Mausers and many other rifles, automatic,
semiautomatic, bolt-action etc, its impossible to around 99.9 pcg to
fire three rounds in seven seconds and scoring one headshot
plus two more hits on a moving target, especially given he used
a crappy ww2 Carcano 6.5 mm bolt-action rifle, and the fact its a
bolt-action rifle, which means you must manually pull back the bolt between
every shot, much like guys do with their soft air pistols nowadays,
that tells me its NOT Lee Harvey Oswald, plus its a gun known for being
inaccurate) nov 22 1963, what he did say was, “Ich bein a Berliner”,
but nm, a Ghosterian is someone who uses Ghostery,
a very good Addon for Firefox, with the latest version there was some
malfunction in it somewhere so i mailed the support, and i got some
friendly and helpful advice by them (thanks guys :D) and along
the way i also helped them out by trying out various versions of
Ghostery until we found out what the problem was,
so now im officially a Ghosterian plus i was promised a
teeshirt :p Ill wear it with pride hehe =)


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