zumbis are people too!

Theyre not just really “with it” when it comes to
being alive, a zombie is someone who died,
then, somehow, got reanimated enough not to remain
in a dead state, which in most cases means they stand up,
gurgles the throat and then look around for some
fresh meat to eat (one wonders tho what would happen
if someone had a pizza just before dying, would that person
then still be looking for fresh meat, or would he/she simply
gugrle and then burp loudly and then look for something to
sit on?), thats the only general rule for a zumbi isnt it,
the lust for human flesh (often for human brains too),
and another fairly general rule is that theyre not exactly
Mensa material, more like go0gle founders iq levels,
roaming around the streets (with the possible exception for the
zumbi who had that pizza prior to death, theres no way hed
be hungry) looking for non-zumbis to eat,
thats exactly what happens in the latest telly series I just saw,
The Walking Dead, quite an excellent show :p
Most critics gave it 5 of 5 rating, yes it is a truly good show
but ill settle for 4 of 5, theres stuff in it, and more correctly stuff NOT
in it that in my view removes the fifth star,
for example WAY too little guns (and usage of guns), mostly its the
protagonist and his Colt Python revolver, disposing zumbis with
the classic headshot, one could compare it to the Alien Quadrilogy , this series should be more like Aliens (1986) than
Alien (1979) if you know what I mean?
But dont be fooled (cuss a fool cant be fooled again as per
george “2tight eyebrows” w bush said) cuss its a VERY
watchable and cool 6 episode season 1 ahead if you havent
seen it :p Cant wait to see season two hehe πŸ˜€

Same can be said about Spartacus – Blood and Sand,
season two IS due soon,
they replaced Andy Whitfield, who portraied Spartacus
(noone knows his real name, its lost in history, Spartacus was his
slave name given to him by the romans) has been replaced
cuss he has cancer issues,
thats why they halted Season 2 and made the 6part miniseries
Spartacus – Gods of the Arena, theyve aired 5 so far,
and soon Spartacus – Blood and Sand will continue,
hopefully not too far away in time πŸ˜€
And no there wont be any linkage
to IMDB from now on, ive examined that site deeply
and theres no other site ive seen thats more
go0gleinfested, so screw that


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