Dave’s strongest vocals ever

Yep, it IS on “Condemnation”, man what a performance
he does on it, gives me shivers down me spine,
I know Dave insisted theyd open the “Songs of Faith and Devotion”
album with it, but got voted down (“I feel you” is, as we all know,
the opener), hmmm it may sound weird, but if i ever got married
id insist on “Condemnation” being played, no not cuss of some
ubercynical statement and not cuss of the lyrics, which prob
isnt suited for such an event, but the SONG is so great 😀
Speaking of “Songs” album, theres 2 songs on it thats way better
as singles or remixes, both “Walking in my shoes” and
“In your room” are better as remixes, Grungy gonads remix and
Zypher remix, respectively, i do like “Songs” album, more today
than when it surfaced 1993, but its prob the album by DM
I play the least, its too uneven (even with DM standards)
and i never really liked the ambiance/sound walls (hur fan översätter
man “ljudvägg” på ett begripligt och fattbart sätt??),
its like the 8track tape got set on 33 rpm instead of 45,
i know theres no such thing as quicksand in reallife (only in
Hollywood, its impossible to sink down and drown in whats known
as quicksand but nm) but the whole album feels like half of it is
drown in it hmmmm

Btw is it me or is this site
sloooower than ever before? Talk about quicksand feel…


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