the 2 biggest dumbest moronic retarded noobs of all time

thats non-puter related, that has to be the 2
guys i read about today,
app one of them (prob bmw owner and google chromer user)
had recently bought himself a kevlar protective vest,
and then he wanted to see if it really
did protect him as promised, id imagine the logic way of
testing wether or not a kevlarvest actually works
or not would be something like putting it on a lifelife
doll or something similar, then take out the guns and start
to fire at it, everythings safe and secure, right?
Well either that, OR one could do what these
dumbasses did, he put it on himself and then he asked
a mate to take out his brand new Bowie knife and then
stab him with it, luckily for him (the owner of the vest in q)
that vest did protect him, but, and this is a big buttttt indeed,
he asked him to try again, so he did, he raised his Bowie knife
and stabbed him, wether or not the vest passed the test we will never
know, cuss he stabbed him in the side, INBETWEEN back and front of
the vest… L M A O noooo00000bs at work :p
Luckily for him hes gonna be ok, unlucky tho for the
general dna-pool of mankind, such idiots should most def
be weeded out from the genebank ..


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