One of the Mummy films is on the telly,
and much to my own surprise, i do like those
3 (isnt it 3 by now?) Mummy films,
they kinda took over once Indy Jones started to
suck, the lastest Indy Jones is prob one of the
most lousy films in its genre i ever seen,
and now theyre working on yet another,
Harrison Ford is how old now, 68-69? Ummmmm
isnt that a trifle uber pathetic that a guy that old
is beating up fit 25yearolds? Its too unbelievable
mr spielberg,go do some new hyped series about ww2
or something (Pacific is the most overrated ww2
series, or film for that matter, ever, total bs,
Band of Brothers was much better and interesting,
altho there was some huge logic flaws in it
and some historical errors in it but at least it was
interesting) and let younger, more ablebodied men
take over
Drinking some new wine now,
from Australia of all places lol ^^
Cawarra, fairly taste as that Santa Helena
wine i drank some weeks back, that one was
from Chile, and no i havent given up on my whisky drinking,
its just that its too expensive to buy in this dumb country
(with its dumb plebs, fancy voting for reinefeldt TWICE,
that says everything about the lowiq cretins plebs
in this country, amazingly we didnt learn from the
semifascistic juntas of reagan, bush sr and bush jr,
not to mention the mother of all semifascist juntas
aka thatcher, she herself make the aforementioned
guys look like sunday school teachers,
noone has ever made the rich richer and the poor
poorer like she did ever before, retarded asslixin
toffynosed inbred Tory morons,
hmmm i dont rem who said the following
or if its something i once made up, but isnt it true that
“Democracy is wasted on the people?”
WHY do people willingly vote for people thats clearly
NOT intend to make their lives better, then?
Can someone explain that, can someone explain why
a working man, a labourer, would ever vote for
the rightwing? It makes NO sense,
the working people were nothing but slaves
all through our history, used/abused by factory owners
who fought each and every change to better conditions
for the workers in every instance, noone ever handed us
better conditions and better pay and less working hours etc,
are the sons and daughters of workers in this country
THAT ignorant? Yes, apparently, since reinfeldt
and his retarded rightwing “alliance” was voted
twice, that could never happen unless voters
changed their vote from left to rightwing


np + sycophants all over *teh internets* plus 2000 zillion redirect thirdparty site bull

Front Line Assembly –
man is so wish that rateyourmusic wasnt so
“geez im a retarded sycophant noob and now ive
brownnosed my way enough to receive the Admin
privilegies on this site, lets go mess around with the
oldest members just for fun!”-infested as it is,
next to the community,
the is the absolutely worst,
fuck em and fuck em both, all these sycophants
totally suck, and its sad the original makers-creators of
these 2 sites doesnt realise what their sites
has sunk into :I
Well the doom3world site is run by a total
retard called “BNA!”, a german and a complete fascist
and brownnose-lover (kiss his ass and become an admin
instantly), such pathetic cretins and their sycophants

man im so effin tired of all these retarded thirdparty scripted
sites, there isnt even one bloghost (well except for this one(
who doesnt try to redirect you to whatever gay
crappy site when one tries to comment on sites etc,
i wrote a comment on Kenneths site ( of course,
go0gleinfested homo site) and it tried to send me to whatever
site when i pressed “send”, this really is getting out of


NP – Kraftwerk —
DER KATALOG, remastered 8cd box
released 2009, i also have the International (english) version
BUT obviously, the german versions ARE superior,
simply cuss its more native in its original, german version 🙂
The album “Computerwelt” has never sounded this
good before 😀

Watching “KESSLER” now, a series i rem from my youth
(yes even i once had one of those), a 6part continuation of the
superb BBC-produced series of “SECRET ARMY“,
next to “I, Claudius” the best series ever 🙂

FF addons etc

I never saw the purpose of the
“Beef Taco (Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out)”
idea, WHY on earth would you accept
all those doubleclick/go0gle/spamsite/go0gle/m$/yahho-
go0gle (yes i put go0gle several times, they are after all
responsible for a LOT of Target Advertising and Tracking cookies etc)
in the first place? I realise the idea of “if the user already has the
target Thirdparty cookie theres no need to set another” BUT
thats like saying “ok i give up, let me pull down my pants for you
and then allow me to lay down and spread my legs” and noone
in thewir rioght mind does that, simply use another approach,
dont surrender to go0gle advertising, fight back instead !
One way is to install the PREFBAR addon,
then have the box of “Cookie warning” showing and have it
ticked, then whenever ANY site tries to set a cookie,
firstparty as well as thirdparty, then simply press the N O
button, and then it will never ask again about that site,
couldnt BE any simpler fffs, theres NO need to use the
Target Optout addon, think of the risks in having tons of
bullshite thirdparty tracing cookies on YOUR computer,
besides, such a hassle weeding out the junk with Ccleaner
having to make 2 million exceptions!
Another inescapable reason to use PREFBAR (apart from its
inbuilt awesomeness) is the fact that I have contributed to its
development =) Speaking of contributions,
also use GHOSTERY, another great way of fighting actively
against go0gle, doubleclick (altho go0gle IS doubleclick,
they bought up doubleclick, the worlds biggest contributor of
crap, garbage, bull and AD’s, by actively tracking you,
on the internet fyi), m$, yahell, cocacola etc etc in absurdum,
and also Noscript *, Adblock Plus,
RequestPolicy, and some more, which Ill mention
in an upcoming post, gotta save sumthin ffs :p
*Noscript has, for some uberbizarre unfathomable reason,
whitelisted go0glesyndication (!), so first thing you do once you
have dl and installed it from the Firefox Addon site is to
Open up “Options”, then second to the left at top is
“Whitelisting”, open it up and REMOVE GOOGLESYNDICATION
(and everything that might be there thats go0gle
as well obviously ! Why the #!””@13%#€ that guy that makes
Noscript insists on having go0gle whitelisted, i dont know,
is he THAT nub?? Ive mailed him about it but got the
usual horseshit in reply, i dont see the logic in both blocking
go0gles retarded analtic script AND then allowing another
equally bad go0gle “service” (thats a laugh) running,
hmmmmm que ??


np –
Karl Bartos – “Communication”


a very interesting new MOD for the superb
DooM3 game 😀

cheaters wannabe + retarded sitecoding =

yup,, its a Swedish site
for people actively seeking extramarital affairs,
by placing personal ads with pics,
app its a carboncopy of AshleyMadison,
the american cheatingsite, before i continue with my
post i must ask this – HOW can a chick even contemplate
replying to any guy in there??
“Hmm lets see, im a girl and im randy and I wanna meet
a nice randy male, aah, victoriamilan is full of
guys who are determined to cheat on their respective ,
they must be prime male specimens, im sure they wouldnt lie to me
or betray me, ever”….. DUUH, only chicks looking like warthogs
coming from the swamps or suffering from a severe case of challenged
mental states would answer those guys, or vice versa,
if i was looking for a chick i wouldnt try to find one who iknew
beforehand was either married or otherwise occupied,
man who are these people???!??
But i guess ill soon now, that victoriamilan site was hacked
recently (and it wasnt too hard, some guy app used MySQL
to get access, which is usually a sign of bad management on the
admins side on the site in q but nm) and he took all the profile
pics from it and then shared them, and yes i have all of them,
over 1 gb of pics lol, im totally sure ill see someone
i know, i wont mention any names of the chicks in q tho 🙂
But if you know me you can prob figure out
which chicks im thinking of 😉

go0gles geEk fascism

kinda funny how some refers to go0gle as
“geek fascists”, little did they know how
right they were, if their new legislations goes
thru we can kiss the Internet goodbye,
esp the FREEDOM of the Internet,
as Reichgooglefuhrer Eric MesserSchmidt says,
“the internet is a cesspool and it needs to be controlled”.
Oh? And who are YOU to come with such a conclusion then?
You, the bringer of SPAM, ADS, BANNERS and your
1984esque surveillance and almost stalinstic-approach of
“site checker” tools, how the fuck do you even dare
to open your mouth to say that??
We, the average, common user of the internet CAN fend for
ourselves, we do not need, nor want, your censorship,
the internet should be free and not overwatched by
go0gle henchmen and lakeys, thats exactly what will
happen if the google legislations go thru, THEY, not you,
will decide each and every sites internet connection speed…!
WTF is this, nazzigermany in 1937?
google, micro$oft, yahoo, dell et al other major conglomerate
corporations will have executive powers over every site,
and they will pass judgement on their “importance”,
you can bet that sites as Wikileaks, Openleaks, google-watch
and others will be classified as “nonessential sites” and they will
get their bandwidth choked and limited, thats exactly
the google elgislation idea, you as a user will have NO SAY
in it, the corproative, moneygrabbing companies of the world
(read USA) will have ALL the powers,
the fact that google and micro$oft, who usually never ever agrees
on anything at all, both have fullheartedly agreed on this,
that itself should be enough reason to
boycott google and micro$oft, but if one checksup on
exactly what the google legislations are all about,
one truly, fully realises that “google is your friend”
is one, big, whopping LIE

people vs google

google search has turned out to be
biased (why am i not surprised?)

4 reasons to boycott google

search engine Ixquick’s privacy statement

ixquick search engine

verizon is a small puny sad pathetic company

phew or not

I zapped between all of my whopping 6 channels
on the telly (thanks to the BLUFF of digital telly
my 28 channels sunk to 6) and i saw Mike meyers
was on, one of those austin power films,
i threw myself on the clicker and i think i managed
to change channel before the braindamage started,
but im not sure, well see soon, if i dont post anything
in a day or two, i def got braindamaged by seeing Mike meyers
for more than 3 consecutive seconds