Just in – Swedish fragmentation grenades can hurt EVERYBODY!

who knew huh, that Swedish grenades that we have made
and exported to various countries actually CAN kill
just about anybody, thats the reason why the morons
at Svenska Freds- och Skiljedoms-föreningen criticizes
it, they say something like “its immoral to export a weapon
that can kill civilians”…! Ummm how blueyed are these
people (no doubt theyre all driedup 55yearold women),
dear god all mighty. a grenade that KILLS people
indiscretely, who knew a frag grenade could do that,
how naughty of itself, retards, its a grenade not a neutronbomb fffs,
but IF someone uses that grenade willfully against civilians,
isnt that THAT individuals responsibility then?
I dont know much about this new grenade other than that
it holds cas 1000 small arrows in itself, which
goes in all directions as the fuse runs out and explodes
the grenade, much like all modern grenades,
but it IS a grenade and not the BFG9000 from the DooM
games, the core of the grenade does not contain a microchip that
can distinguish between military personell and civilians,
but as said, its only a frag grenade and not Armageddon itself …
Dont these old women have anything better to do?


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