SpottiTotti lost :-)

his bullshite team Roma proved, yet again,
that English football is superior to that
of italian, when the Spurs defeated Roma 3 0
the other day, the problem with italian teams are,
of course, theyre all individual superstars
(in their own mind, that is) and cannot conform into
one, coherent “fighting force”, and since football
is a TEAM-GAME, a team of many indivudally great footballers
(which SpottiTotti isnt btw) cannot match any team that
plays as ONE, italy does have many indivudally great footballers
and IF they could play as ONE, theyd win the Euros prob
every time, but since there isnt any coach in the world
that ever could make them play as ONE, they can only win anything
when theyre opposing a team with problems (cough France cough)


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