go0gles geEk fascism

kinda funny how some refers to go0gle as
“geek fascists”, little did they know how
right they were, if their new legislations goes
thru we can kiss the Internet goodbye,
esp the FREEDOM of the Internet,
as Reichgooglefuhrer Eric MesserSchmidt says,
“the internet is a cesspool and it needs to be controlled”.
Oh? And who are YOU to come with such a conclusion then?
You, the bringer of SPAM, ADS, BANNERS and your
1984esque surveillance and almost stalinstic-approach of
“site checker” tools, how the fuck do you even dare
to open your mouth to say that??
We, the average, common user of the internet CAN fend for
ourselves, we do not need, nor want, your censorship,
the internet should be free and not overwatched by
go0gle henchmen and lakeys, thats exactly what will
happen if the google legislations go thru, THEY, not you,
will decide each and every sites internet connection speed…!
WTF is this, nazzigermany in 1937?
google, micro$oft, yahoo, dell et al other major conglomerate
corporations will have executive powers over every site,
and they will pass judgement on their “importance”,
you can bet that sites as Wikileaks, Openleaks, google-watch
and others will be classified as “nonessential sites” and they will
get their bandwidth choked and limited, thats exactly
the google elgislation idea, you as a user will have NO SAY
in it, the corproative, moneygrabbing companies of the world
(read USA) will have ALL the powers,
the fact that google and micro$oft, who usually never ever agrees
on anything at all, both have fullheartedly agreed on this,
that itself should be enough reason to
boycott google and micro$oft, but if one checksup on
exactly what the google legislations are all about,
one truly, fully realises that “google is your friend”
is one, big, whopping LIE



people vs google

google search has turned out to be
biased (why am i not surprised?)

4 reasons to boycott google

search engine Ixquick’s privacy statement

ixquick search engine

verizon is a small puny sad pathetic company

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