cheaters wannabe + retarded sitecoding =

yup,, its a Swedish site
for people actively seeking extramarital affairs,
by placing personal ads with pics,
app its a carboncopy of AshleyMadison,
the american cheatingsite, before i continue with my
post i must ask this – HOW can a chick even contemplate
replying to any guy in there??
“Hmm lets see, im a girl and im randy and I wanna meet
a nice randy male, aah, victoriamilan is full of
guys who are determined to cheat on their respective ,
they must be prime male specimens, im sure they wouldnt lie to me
or betray me, ever”….. DUUH, only chicks looking like warthogs
coming from the swamps or suffering from a severe case of challenged
mental states would answer those guys, or vice versa,
if i was looking for a chick i wouldnt try to find one who iknew
beforehand was either married or otherwise occupied,
man who are these people???!??
But i guess ill soon now, that victoriamilan site was hacked
recently (and it wasnt too hard, some guy app used MySQL
to get access, which is usually a sign of bad management on the
admins side on the site in q but nm) and he took all the profile
pics from it and then shared them, and yes i have all of them,
over 1 gb of pics lol, im totally sure ill see someone
i know, i wont mention any names of the chicks in q tho 🙂
But if you know me you can prob figure out
which chicks im thinking of 😉

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