FF addons etc

I never saw the purpose of the
“Beef Taco (Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out)”
idea, WHY on earth would you accept
all those doubleclick/go0gle/spamsite/go0gle/m$/yahho-
go0gle (yes i put go0gle several times, they are after all
responsible for a LOT of Target Advertising and Tracking cookies etc)
in the first place? I realise the idea of “if the user already has the
target Thirdparty cookie theres no need to set another” BUT
thats like saying “ok i give up, let me pull down my pants for you
and then allow me to lay down and spread my legs” and noone
in thewir rioght mind does that, simply use another approach,
dont surrender to go0gle advertising, fight back instead !
One way is to install the PREFBAR addon,
then have the box of “Cookie warning” showing and have it
ticked, then whenever ANY site tries to set a cookie,
firstparty as well as thirdparty, then simply press the N O
button, and then it will never ask again about that site,
couldnt BE any simpler fffs, theres NO need to use the
Target Optout addon, think of the risks in having tons of
bullshite thirdparty tracing cookies on YOUR computer,
besides, such a hassle weeding out the junk with Ccleaner
having to make 2 million exceptions!
Another inescapable reason to use PREFBAR (apart from its
inbuilt awesomeness) is the fact that I have contributed to its
development =) Speaking of contributions,
also use GHOSTERY, another great way of fighting actively
against go0gle, doubleclick (altho go0gle IS doubleclick,
they bought up doubleclick, the worlds biggest contributor of
crap, garbage, bull and AD’s, by actively tracking you,
on the internet fyi), m$, yahell, cocacola etc etc in absurdum,
and also Noscript *, Adblock Plus,
RequestPolicy, and some more, which Ill mention
in an upcoming post, gotta save sumthin ffs :p
*Noscript has, for some uberbizarre unfathomable reason,
whitelisted go0glesyndication (!), so first thing you do once you
have dl and installed it from the Firefox Addon site is to
Open up “Options”, then second to the left at top is
“Whitelisting”, open it up and REMOVE GOOGLESYNDICATION
(and everything that might be there thats go0gle
as well obviously ! Why the #!””@13%#€ that guy that makes
Noscript insists on having go0gle whitelisted, i dont know,
is he THAT nub?? Ive mailed him about it but got the
usual horseshit in reply, i dont see the logic in both blocking
go0gles retarded analtic script AND then allowing another
equally bad go0gle “service” (thats a laugh) running,
hmmmmm que ??


np –
Karl Bartos – “Communication”


a very interesting new MOD for the superb
DooM3 game 😀

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